Costco puts its famous churros on sale again

Fans of Costco churros launched a petition on to sell them again.

REDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images

As you know, Costco’s food court closed because of the pandemic for several months, and when it reopened recently they were only selling some of their classic dishes, in which the famous Twisted Churros were not included.

However, this week some Costco stores have already started including the dish again to the delight of customers.

Now, Costco is offering churros with a larger crust and covered in butter and cinnamon, and each of them costs $ 1.49 dollars, in accordance with Mashed.

Churros have received rave reviews in several major publications, including Eat This, Not That, and Redbook magazine.

Also, when the churros were not available when the food courts reopened, fans of the dish launched a petition on where they collected hundreds of signatures to demand that the churros be sold again… Which has already happened.

So, if you are one of the fans of this dessert, you could stop by your local Costco to see if they are already available at that branch.

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