Count: 'Tomorrow Cdm on bad weather, for emergencies 153.5 million'


The next council of ministers "will declare a state of emergency for all the regions that have asked for it". This was stated by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the Chamber's question time.

To address the state of emergency, the CDM will allocate 53.5 million and a half from the fund for unexpected expenses and another 100 from the fund's non-transferable needs. This was reported by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the question time in the Chamber.

"There is satisfaction with the high number of confirmations received so far" at the Palermo conference on the Libya, to which will be present the "main interlocutors of the Libyan scenario." I want to clarify that we do not think we can solve all the problems but we want to create a sustainable meeting opportunity ", said Count during the Question Time in the Chamber.

In Libya "we want to overcome the current deadlock in the political process with elections as early as possible as soon as the necessary political, legislative and security conditions are met", explained Conte.

"The Palermo conference is a fundamental step in the objective of stabilizing Libya and for the security of the entire Mediterranean," added the premier.

"TO Ischia there are 28 thousand amnesty applications over 20 years ago. For the earthquake there are 1100 damaged houses: the decree has to examine the requests initiated many decades ago and has only disposed the definition "relative.Where for the houses to be regularized" there are hydrogeological constraints or other constraints the regularization will not be granted it will have to proceed with the demolition. "Conte said this by answering a question about the amnesty in the question time in the Chamber.

The funds that will be allocated by the CDM will serve "not only for emergencies but also for the prevention of hydrogeological instability", he said.

The extraordinary plan against hydrogeological instability will be presented by the government by the end of the month and "will provide an opportunity for planning and coordination of projects to be put in place to secure the territory and against hydrogeological instability", continued Conte announcing that an investment plan will be specified for this extraordinary plan.

"We need to reiterate in order to guarantee programmatic interventions for the fight against hydrogeological instability that the draft budget law already provides funding for structural measures against hydrogeological instability. In a fund of the Ministry of the Economy, as I have already mentioned, there are 900 million for the three years", explained the premier.

During the question time, the President of the Council Giuseppe Conte answers questions on the renunciation of the European Investment Bank loan and the financing of interventions aimed at the prevention of hydrogeological instability (Muroni – LEU); on the initiatives and objectives of the Government for a fruitful development of the International Conference on the Stabilization of Libya, scheduled in Palermo on 12 and 13 November 2018 (Grande – M5S); on the advisability of reconsidering the suppression of the "safe Italy" mission unit and the need to avoid any building amnesty (Delrio – PD); on the initiatives regarding the attribution to the autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano of the primary competence in matters of environment and ecosystem (Schullian – Misto – Min. linguistics); on initiatives in favor of the populations affected by the recent disasters and for a plan to combat hydrogeological instability, also through exceptions to the procurement code (Prestigiacomo – FI); on initiatives aimed at favoring the re-launch of the port of Genoa and of the connected logistics system (Molinari – Lega); on the critical issues related to electronic invoicing and the obligations envisaged starting from 1 January 2019 (Meloni – FdI). This was announced by a press release from the Chamber.




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