Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets the Battle Royale mode, becomes free-to-play –


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve's aging online first-person shooter, but now unstoppable, is now free-to-play. But not only! He also just introduced a new Battle Royale mode called the Danger Zone.

This is not Counter-Strike's first alliance with free-to-play, of course; Valve launched the free version of the game in September, although this version only allowed players to deal with robots: the entire company was intended as a means for newcomers to familiarize themselves with weapons and maps of Counter-Strike.

The new free-to-play version of Valve, however, is the real deal and provides free access to the entire Counter-Strike: global offensive experience, multiplayer and everything.

Who needs a glider when you have some rope?

According to Valve, all players who bought the game before the upgrade will see their accounts updated to Prime Status (which usually costs $ 14.99 USD) for free. Prime Status players are paired with others, and are eligible for the exclusive Prime Zone Lab Rats Hazard Zone MP5-SD – earned by earning XP in Danger Zone mode – and the new Danger Zone Case, which includes 17 finishes for weapons, and rare Horizon knives.

And as far as Danger Zone is concerned, Valve describes it as a "frenetic" real-world battle game mode based on the tactical gameplay of CS: GO, in which players use their ingenuity, skills and resources to fight to the end ". It features a map, Blacksite and modes for Solos, Duos and Trios, with 16 players per 10-minute game in the first and 18 players in both team modes.


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