Coup d’état: Kisser asked the Justice for an investigation into Duhalde’s sayings

Former provincial senator Raymundo Kisser (UCR) filed a complaint with the Paraná Federal Prosecutor’s Office and requested an urgent investigation of the media sayings of former president Eduardo Duhalde regarding the possible occurrence of a coup d’état, he learned ANALYSIS.

With the legal sponsorship of the lawyer Rubén Pagliotto, last Friday Kisser presented a document to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Paraná “in order to denounce an alleged criminal act, perhaps in the making and, at the same time, request, to proceed to start or proceed to a Preliminary Criminal Investigation, as a result of the deleterious and unthinkable statements related to a possible coup d’état, made on the night of Monday 08/24/2020, in a TV program, by the former President of the Argentine Nation, Dr. . Eduardo Duhalde “.

In the letter, he adds that “in order to avoid his own interpretations of what happened, other statements by former President Duhalde are replicated verbatim, ratifying his thesis or warning of the possibility of a coup d’état, at the request of information he received from a high chief of the Argentine Army ”.

And it states that “this announcement (…) has sufficient entity, objectively and subjectively, to put all citizens on edge. This bombastic, explicit announcement and ratified several times during the extensive interview, which generates not only fear but also deep anxiety in the subscriber, cannot and should not go unnoticed ”.

In this context, the judicial presentation maintains that “the tax investigation (…) should focus –as a first measure- on summoning Dr. Eduardo Duhalde, in order to specify the real scope of his statements about the risks of a coup d’état that runs the Argentine political system, such as the suppression of the electoral act scheduled for 2021 ”.


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