Couples pack up and the public chooses their favorite home


The New South Wales couple was the favorite when the five luxury houses of St Kilda's Oslo were finally opened to the public during Wednesday's penultimate hit series.

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And while veteran renewers Mitch and Mark may have been the favorites throughout the season, with the most wins they reveal space and the important seal of approval of the buying jury, it seems that the public doesn't love theirs so much " party house "as judges – they placed a distant third.

This is how the vows ended after thousands of players inspected the multimillion-dollar home the couples had renewed in the last 14 weeks:

5th place: El’ise and Matt – 761 votes

4th place: Jesse and Mel – 788 votes

3rd place: Mitch and Mark – 811 votes

2nd place: Tess and Luca – 959 votes

1st place: Andy and Deb – 1292 votes

That second position was a surprise result for Tess and Luke, the young couple from Cairns who were the last underdogs for most of the season – and who hit The Block blatantly in an interview with last month, accusing the producers of setting them up to fail and modifying them to seem lazy.

Surprising is also the fourth position of Jesse and Mel, given the insistence of the real estate agent Jesse on the fact that his privileged knowledge will take them home for a victory.

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With their huge votes of 1292, Andy and Deb take home a cash prize of $ 10,000. But they can repeat their success on auction day and score The blockThe $ 100,000 prize pool – plus whatever their home sells above its reserve?

In the Sunday season finale, all five couples will discover the key details that could determine their auction success – including the reserve price of each house and the order of execution of the auction – before every house ends up under the hammer.




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