Court grants car agent Ghosn again release on bail


Carlos Ghosn

In November last year, he was detained in Tokyo for alleged violations of stock exchange regulations for the first time.

(Photo: Reuters)

TokyoRenault associate Nissan, formerly accused of detention in Japan, Carlos Ghosn, has left the Tokyo prison after paying a late Thursday night (local time). In the morning, a court in Japan's capital granted the 65-year-old a release. The amount of the deposit should be 500 million yen (about four million euros).

In November last year, the prominent automanager in Tokyo had been arrested for alleged violations of stock exchange regulations for the first time. In addition, he is said to have transferred private investment losses to Nissan. Ghosn was charged and released only after months of detention on a bail of then one billion yen. Just four weeks after his release, he was again remanded at the beginning of this month.

The prosecution filed a fourth indictment for payments to a distribution partner in Oman only earlier this week. The defense accuses the prosecutor with this usual in Japan tactics to want to put Ghosn under pressure until it collapses at the end.

But Ghosn made it clear that he did not want to sign a confession. In a recent video released by his Japanese lawyer, he reaffirmed his innocence. The prominent automanager sees himself as a victim of a conspiracy.

According to the new lawsuit, Ghosn is accused of having ordered a Nissan subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates to pay ten million dollars to a distribution partner in Oman. Of this, half of an account of the belonging to Ghosn Lebanese investment company Good Faith Investments have flowed.

Part of this money should then have been forwarded to a company of his wife. Of these, among other things, a luxury yacht for Ghosns family have been purchased, reported the news agency Kyodo, citing unnamed sources. An appointment for a lawsuit against Ghosn does not exist.

The native Brazilian had managed in 1999 the entry of the French automaker Renault at Nissan. In the hitherto unprecedented car alliance then Mitsubishi Motors was also involved. Just days after his arrest in November, Nissan and Mitsubishi had fired him as chairman of the board. Recently, Nissan also threw him out of the board.

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