Cousins, who had his first chance at the Clippers, successfully used the minutes

Another victory was credited to the account of one of the leaders of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Clippers Club of Los Angeles (34/18).

Tyronno Lue ‘s army showed great attack in its arena and 133:116 (47:32, 26:34, 28:23, 32:27) beat the Portland Trail Blazers (30/20) team.

The great spurt of the hosts at the beginning of the confrontation contributed significantly to the victory. The Clippers scored 47 points in the first half, the best result in the history of the Los Angeles club.

For the first time, the new team’s t-shirt ran away DeMarcusas Cousinsas. The midfielder added 7 points and 4 rebounds to the victory in 8 minutes.

Portland club leader Damian Lillard was particularly pale in this match, playing 38 minutes and scoring just 11 points and hitting just 2 shots out of 14.

„Clippers“: Paul George 36 (6/9 three-point, 5 res.), Kawhi Leonard 29 (12 reb., 7 res.), Reggie Jackson 23 (4/6 three-point), … DeMarcus Cousins 7 (3/4 colons).

„Trail Blazers“: Norman Powell 32 (14/15 free throws), CJMcCollum 24 (6th ed.), Robert Covington 15 (9th ed.), Enes Kanter 13 (15th ed.), Damian Lillard 11 (1/6) three-point, 6 res.).

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