Covid-19 and access to vaccines at the heart of G20 discussions

A virtual summit for very real challenges, starting with a pandemic that is killing en masse and shaking the world economy: the leaders of the G20, gathered in an unprecedented virtual format, called for solidarity in the face of Covid-19, in particular for access to vaccines.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic dominated the first exchanges, at a time when the race for vaccines is accelerating.

Will we be ready to guarantee access (to vaccines) on a planetary scale, and to avoid at all costs the scenario of a two-speed world, where only the richest could protect themselves from the virus?? “, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a videoconference address to his counterparts.

Faced with Covid-19, which has infected more than 55 million people and killed more than 1.3 million around the world, the Chinese president estimated that the response should also be economic. “We need to reduce taxes and tariffs, and look at liberalizing trade in essential medical equipment“, he thus estimated.

Even before the G20 began, UN boss Antonio Guterres recalled that he “28 billion is missing, of which 4.2 are before the end of the year“to finance the ACT-Accelerator, a device of the World Health Organization to ensure that rich countries do not monopolize treatments, tests or vaccines.

Access to immunization must be possible and affordable for each country. The funds pledged so far are not yet sufficient to achieve this. I therefore ask you all to support this important initiative. This short-term help is in our best interest“Chancellor Angela Merkel told her counterparts.


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