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Denmark and Cyprus are on the red list or where it is recommended not to drive at all, as of today. Today, Great Britain, Ireland and Greece are on the yellow list for assessing the need to travel. Now almost the whole of Europe has become a burden for travelers. TV3 News explained how to handle passengers.

With the inclusion of Denmark and Cyprus in the red list as Covid-19 high-risk countries, airBaltic will stop all flights to these destinations from tomorrow. Passengers now have the choice of receiving a refund, an airBaltic gift card or switching to a specific flight.

The number of countries to which airBaltic does not fly due to epidemiological safety has risen to 12. airBaltic is concerned if Britain, which is now on the yellow list, and especially Greece, a summer holiday destination, will be on the red list next week.

“Demand from the red countries has been very high before, for example, to Amsterdam and Spain, which were a requested destination but were on the red list. It definitely affects our revenue. The business impact is definitely on our results. fly, then every Friday we receive information about the restrictions, and we have to adapt accordingly, “said the head of corporate communications at airBaltic.

airBaltic continues to fly to the countries on the yellow list, from which passengers must comply with two weeks of self-isolation in Latvia. However, if a person is afraid to fly because of Covid-19 or cannot afford to sit at home after the trip, people are asked to call the airBaltic customer number. The lowest load is from 7 am to noon. In front of the dilemma are the people who bought the lowest class air ticket.

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“You can buy a separate service for changing dates, they are 50 euros one way, or cancel and get a tax refund for your ticket. (TV3: But get a refund for the flight itself?) As the flight takes place, the refund for the lower class tickets are not possible, “explains the head of airBaltic ‘s corporate communications.

The Consumer Rights and Protection Center (CRPC) cannot help people to recover it either.

“If the consumer does not want to fly, but the flights take place, then it is the consumer’s choice and this money is actually lost. In this case, the CRPC will not be able to participate in the recovery,” says CRPC representative Sanita Gertmane.

Now that almost every week, when more and more countries return to Latvia, self-isolation has to be observed, more and more people are coming to the attention of the police. In the period from July 27 to August 13, almost 13 thousand inspections were performed. The data shows – people conscientiously adhering to self-isolation. To date, only four administrative violation proceedings are active.

“The State Police cooperates with the municipal police by visiting people in self-isolation at their place of residence and also communicates by telephone. Currently, there are about three thousand people in self-isolation in the country. Although the number of people in self-isolation is increasing, the police are coping with their duties,” Gita Gžibovska, Senior Specialist of the Relations Department.

If a country is on the red list, it is for a long time. If in the yellow – also for several weeks, says the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Therefore, it is not possible to give advice to air passengers to postpone flights for a while.

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“If after returning from abroad due to self-isolation a person is at risk of financial loss at work and it is not possible to agree with the employer on working remotely, then people are disappointed to learn that a sick leave cannot be drawn up at this time. Only Covid-19 patients can do so,” Ilze Arāja, public relations specialist of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

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