COVID-19: Dialysis patients according to the specialist risk group

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Berlin dialysis patients are among the high-risk patients in the corona pandemic. They often have a severe course of SARS-CoV-2 infection and, based on the available data, often die of it. This is announced by the German Society for Nephrology (DGfN). The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also counts patients with kidney diseases among those at higher risk of a severe COVID-19 course.

According to the DGfN, kidney patients and especially dialysis patients are not only among the at-risk patient groups, but, in contrast to the other patient groups, have a cumulative risk because they combine several already identified comorbidities and risk factors, in particular heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.

In addition, dialysis patients cannot stay at home, but have to expose themselves to transport to their dialysis center three to four times a week and thus to contact other, possibly infected, people and patients, according to the society. In addition, they are often older than 70 years.

Our patients are therefore highly sensitive and we therefore have to take special care of them and try to keep the infection rates in the dialysis population as low as possible, said Julia Weinmann-Menke, press spokeswoman for the DGfN.

Italian data showed that the highest safety precautions could be taken to contain infection rates in dialysis centers (DOI 10.1007 / s40620-020-00727-y). This also means that all patients should wear a face mask if possible.

Unfortunately, this does not currently allow dialysis centers to be equipped with protective materials.We are happy to be able to provide masks to staff and infected patients at all, said Weinmann-Menke, and appeals to politicians to give dialysis centers preferential hygiene materials. ©hil /


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