News Covid-19: Eleven textile companies in Portugal produce masks validated...

Covid-19: Eleven textile companies in Portugal produce masks validated by Citeve | Coronavirus

The Technological Center of the Textile and Clothing Industries (Citeve) provides a list of Portuguese textile companies that produce tested and validated masks, namely masks for community use that, when containment measures are lifted, the population must use in closed spaces , For example in public transport, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Oasipor – Medicalwear, Quotidiandiversity, Dehora – Footwear Industry, Textilobo – The Textile Company, Vieira Pocargil, Estamparia Têxtil Adalberto Pinto da Silva, Bordimp, Cores Doctrora, Daily Day Studios, Digit All and Location Available, are the eleven companies on the list from Citeve. Among them, they produce type I (for health professionals), professional (level 2) and general use (level 3) masks. The director-general of the center, António Braz Costa, says that the list will be updated daily.

Of the eleven companies so far verified, only five have reusable masks on sale: Estamparia Têxtil Adalberto Pinto da Silva and Quotidiandivertisy offer level 2 professional reusable masks; Daily Day Studios, Digit All and Location Available have level 3 general purpose masks available.

Level 2 masks are intended for professionals who, not in the health field, are in contact with a large number of people. This material has a particle filtering capacity of 90%. General purpose masks, or community masks, have a particle retention capacity of 70%.

According to the director-general of the technological center, the masks “have to protect those who use them and the people around them”. They must also “have particle retention capacity” and also “allow breathing comfort”. In this sense, the Citeve created the seal “Máscaras COVID-19 – Approved ”to help consumers and producers to distinguish products and raw materials that have been tested and validated by the center.

Among the companies that have been approved by the technological center, Daily Day Studios, based in Porto, already has masks for sale online – a set of five masks costs 20 euros, with VAT included. The founder of the company, Filipe Prata, tells the PUBLIC that in the last few days they had a lot of sales. “Either tomorrow or Monday we will start shipping [estas encomendas] and we are already closing contracts for large quantities ”, he says. The official guarantees that they are making large investments and expects to produce 200 thousand masks a week.

With these orders, Filipe Prata hopes to be able to return to the economic normality of the company. “I hope to say tomorrow or Monday that the layoff”, He confesses, explaining that the return would cover 100% of the workers who are in this situation. With regard to the containment measures, it guarantees that they are all being complied with.

The covid-19 pandemic forced most countries to produce masks domestically, which were mostly manufactured in Asia. National production was “completely insufficient for needs,” Citeve’s director general told the PUBLIC in early April.

In a conversation with the PUBLIC, Braz Costa says that, until the end of this Wednesday, the samples of products, materials or raw materials for certification, for masks and other personal protective equipment, is “more than 1300”.

Text edited by Pedro Esteves



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