Covid-19: exhausted, health teams ask for urgent reinforcements

After seven months of battling the pandemic, Many healthcare professionals They are exhausted and request reinforcements. Referents of the different organizations that bring them together warn that casualties are increasing due to infections and close contacts.

“At this point in the game, what affects the most is the emotional factor. Being in contact with the disease, with the anguish of thinking that we can infect our families. We lost many colleagues in recent weeks and each death causes us anguish that is difficult to overcome, ”explains Nora Vilches, president of the Federation of Professional University Entities of Córdoba (Fepuc).

The colleges that bring together health professionals requested reinforcements from the Province. Some kind of replacement. And they assure that few hospitals today can comply with the “mirror guards”, a strategy that consisted of assembling two groups that work without crossing each other. It is so that, in case a member gets sick, they do not have to close the service. “This health team needs a replacement,” Vilches graphs.

Agents Wanted

The provincial Health Minister, Diego Cardozo, summoned nurses and doctors from other specialties to reinforce the current teams, after announcing the incorporation of 490 critical beds destined for the pandemic. He also indicated that the extra bonus that professionals who work in critical care today receive is intended to train other agents.

“When a therapist leaves his guard, he must be in charge of monitoring the teams that are going to be in charge of the patients, like the other professionals who today charge the plus. That extra guard that they must do is to train the human resource. They should allocate a little of their time to training their colleagues and the use of personal protection elements, “explained the minister last Tuesday in the Unicameral.

The minister reiterated that, from April to August, 1,264 agents were added. He added that 28 headquarters and 128 scholarships to residents were extended. That in September and October 788 professionals joined and that this new call tends to add 750 more. In the Unicameral it also announced that it will hire 138 residents in the last year of training.

Opposition lawmakers asked for details on how much these professionals will charge. And they questioned the lack of information on the number of infected agents.

“At this moment, 7.1 percent of those infected in Córdoba correspond to health personnel. But the data is variable and depends on information from the public and private sectors. We are going to specify it in the weekly epidemiological reports ”, Cardozo promised.

If until last Friday there were 59,809 cases in Córdoba, following the announced proportion, the total number of infected agents would amount to 4,249. It is not possible to calculate how many are active cases.

A survey by the Council of Doctors of the Province of Córdoba detected 760 infected enrolled, until October 9. And 10 deaths. The solidarity fund that grants subsidies to doctors who fall ill has already received 200 applications this week, 70 more than the previous one.

“Just as society is tired of being isolated, health teams are also exhausted, with the added bonus that they have a greater risk of getting sick,” emphasizes Héctor Oviedo, vice president of the Council of Physicians.

Emotional factor

“We are experiencing a very critical situation. Beds have been added, but no one can control them. I believe that these months could have trained internists, clinicians, anesthetists or pediatric therapists in the management of these units, as well as nursing, but I believe that foresight was lacking, ”says Raúl Audenino, a member of the Self-convened Doctors group.

The feeling is shared by most of the entities that make up the health teams. “It must be taken into account that the pandemic started with a good part of the isolated teams, as they were risk groups. And those who remain suffer the stress of working permanently. With 12-hour guards and a 24-hour rest, ”added Vilches, a reference for Fepuc.

For his part, Carlos Mulqui, a member of the Córdoba Central Guard Medical Group, added that in recent weeks the tests on health personnel decreased and that the quality of the personal protection elements that were delivered to health teams decreased. from hospitals.

“We professionals are exhausted because we don’t have spare parts. There are many beds in the modular hospital of the Sanitary Pole that cannot be put into operation because there are not enough staff. The Province recruits people through scientific societies, but we need to know what conditions to work under, ”he added.

The referents consulted approve the call for professionals from other specialties to attend critical beds, but ask for details of how this work will be and under what conditions they should be performed.

Eight out of 10 doctors have more than one job

More than half work more than nine hours a day.

The survey carried out by the group Medicos Autoconvocados de Córdoba revealed that only 17 percent of doctors have only one job. 31 percent work in two places; 28 percent, in three; 13 percent, in four, and 11 percent, in more than four.

In addition, that more than half work nine hours up. And that 75 percent are dissatisfied with what they earn. 46 percent work in the city of Córdoba; 29 percent, indoors; 21 percent, on both sides, and four percent, in addition, outside the province.

The sample comprised 1,350 physicians, of whom 80 percent had a specialty.


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