Covid-19 Hospital Has Been Closed, Berau District Health Office Called Service in Dr. Abdul Rivai Hospital Maximized

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO, TANJUNG REDEB – Covid Task Force Team 19 districts Berau, East Kalimantan will maximize services at the Regional Hospital Dr. Abdul Rivai, Berau.

This follows positive confirmation cases that continue to grow while emergency hospitals for ODP and PDP have been officially closed.

Head of District Health Office Berau Iswahyudi said, at this time Dr. Abdul Rivai Regional Hospital was still very adequate to accommodate confirmation patients and hoped there were no additional cases Corona virus or covid-19.

“While the ability of our hospital is still 54 beds, it is still sufficient and only 13 have been utilized, so we maximize it for now,” explained Iswahyudi, Sunday (7/19/2020).

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Iswahyudi continued, based on the new regulations, suspicious people may carry out independent isolation. But it still urges suspects to be able to report themselves to the cluster team to remain monitored.

“According to the new regulations, most independent isolation is permitted. But we are still not convinced that independent quarantine is more safety so we still maximize the hospital so that it is more safety and the community is not restless,” he concluded.

When asked about whether it is possible to reopen the RSD in a former hotel hotel for patients covid-19 considering the number of confirmed continues to grow, Iswahyudi profitable did not rule out.

But it hopes that does not happen. So that it will continue to maximize the existing space in the RSUD Dr. Abdul Rivai.

“We will still maximize the hospital before we take the decision to reopen Cantika. But because Cantika is too large, if the pattern is opened, we will no longer change the emergency hospital but a quarantine place,” he explained.

Meanwhile, related to the terms PDP, ODP and OTG district spokesperson Covid Task Force Team 19 Berau it says it is no longer used.

The three terms have been replaced, namely the combined suspicion cases of PDP and ODP, probable and confirmation cases.

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