Covid-19: increasingly favorable indicators

The prefecture and the ARS have communicated the latest Covid figures for our department. In summary, the improvement in the health situation has been confirmed again in recent days. Nevertheless, the circulation of the Delta variant continues actively in the island and “the vaccination rate is still insufficient” in the eyes of the authorities.

Over the past 7 days, the main indicators have continued to decline. The improvement in the health situation has been confirmed on the island for 7 weeks. The incidence rate is close to falling below the alert threshold set at 50/100 000 inhabitants. The number of cases is in fact still decreasing with an incidence rate which now stands at 51.7 / 100,000 inhabitants (against 70 the previous week) and the positivity rate on all people tested at 1.4%. . Likewise, the pressure on hospitalizations is decreasing. Since the start of the year, this is the first time that the activity in intensive care for patients positive for Covid-19 has been so low.

However, this favorable development of the situation should of course not make us relax the vigilance: the virus continues to circulate and the share of the Delta variant is still increasing (more than 97% of the mutations recorded on the island). This week, 3 deaths linked to Covid-19 are to be deplored.

To date, 64.4% of eligible people (over 12 years old) have a complete vaccination schedule. The vaccination rate continues to slow down while vaccination is the most effective means of protecting severe forms. In the past few weeks, 94% of patients admitted to intensive care were not vaccinated or had an incomplete vaccination schedule. Faced with the improvement in the health situation, vaccination coverage must progress further to allow the lifting of restrictive measures on the island and a return to normal life as quickly as possible.

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Health situation

On September 28, 2021, the prefecture and the ARS identified the deaths of 3 patients from Reunion that occurred during the last 7 days:

A person between 45 and 64 years old

A person aged between 65 and 74 years

A person over 75 years old

Among these deaths: two people were not vaccinated and had comorbidities, and one person had a complete vaccination schedule.

From September 18 to 24, 441 cases were identified in 7 days. The positivity rate is down to 1.4% (1.7% the previous week). the rate weekly incidence is in sharp decline and stands at 51.7/100 000 inhabitants (70 the previous week). The number of screenings, with 31,630 tests performed during the week, is decreasing but remains significant.

Among the 441 new cases during the period:

425 cases are classified as indigenous,

· 7 cases are classified as imported, ie 0.7% of cases.

take in account the 52 663 healings and 366 deaths since the start of the health crisis,
653 case are still active to this day.

53,682 cases were investigated to date by ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance, 94% of which are indigenous cases.

Search for Covid-19 mutations

From September 18 to 24, 379 positive tests were screened to identify a mutation:
283 cases presented one of the specific mutations under surveillance, i.e. a proportion of 74.6 % against 72% the previous week.

The Delta (Indian) variant represents 97.2% of mutations, an increase compared to the previous week (95.8%) ahead of the Beta (South African) variant at 2.8% (against 4.2% the previous week).

Focus on clusters

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As of September 28, 2021, 19 clusters are active and 471 clusters are closed.

Among the active clusters, we note:

– 3 high-criticality clusters: Le Tampon (1), Saint-Pierre (1) and Saint-Leu (1).

– 6 moderately critical clusters: La Possession (1), Le Port (1), Saint-Denis (1), Saint-Paul (1) and Saint-Pierre (2).

Regarding the other indicators

The incidence rate is falling in all age groups :

In 0-14 years: – 33.8%

Among 15-24 year olds: – 5.4%

– among 25-34 year olds: – 35.1%

In the 35-44 age group: – 15.5%

In the 45-64 age group: – 27.4%

In the over 65s: – 40.1%

In the over 75s: – 61.1%

As of September 28, 2021, 16 intensive care beds were occupied by patients positive for Covid-19 on the 86 resuscitation beds installed in Reunion. This is the lowest figure since the start of the year.

Characteristics of patients hospitalized in intensive care for Covid-19, from August 30 to September 26 (source Santé Publique France):

· 82% were men and 18% were women;

24% were 15 to 44 years old, 24% 45 to 64 years old, 34% 65 to 74 years old and 18% 75 years and over;

· 94% of patients admitted to intensive care were not vaccinated or had an incomplete vaccination schedule (single dose);

88% of patients presented with one or more comorbidities (arterial hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc.)

Vaccination : more than 900 000 injections since the start of the campaign

From September 20 to 26, more than 17,800 injections were performed. The pace of the first injections slows down.

To date, 452,332 people have been vaccinated:

· 69 % of the eligible population (over 12 years old) is engaged in a vaccination course (or 56.6% of the total population),

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· 64.4% of the eligible population has a complete vaccination schedule (or 52.8% of the total population)

The improvement in the health situation has been confirmed again in recent days. Nevertheless, the circulation of the Delta variant continues actively in the island and the vaccination rate is still insufficient. In order to avoid an epidemic rebound, it is advisable to be vaccinated without further delay, to continue the barrier gestures, to be tested and to isolate oneself in the event of symptoms or if one is a contact person.

The prefecture and the ARS remind all Reunionese of the need to:

· to be screened at the slightest symptom;

· respect the prescribed strict isolation to prevent the spread of the virus and its variants:

o at least 10 days when you are contaminated with Covid-19,

o at least 7 days if you are in contact.

· no longer delay vaccination or wait 2 months if you have been contaminated:

o 2 doses for the Pfizer vaccine (or 3 for some people on the advice of their doctor)

o and a single dose for the Janssen vaccine.

O respect the injection time of the 2e Pfizer vaccine dose 3 weeks from the 1time injection.

O those affected by the booster dose (over 65 years of age, presenting risk comorbidities of serious forms, severely immunocompromised and having been vaccinated with Janssen) are invited to go to a vaccination center or to their doctor, pharmacist, nurse:

From 6 months after the last injection of the Pfizer vaccine,

4 weeks after the single injection of the Janssen vaccine,

Between 3 and 6 months after the last injection of the Pfizer vaccine for severely immunocompromised people, on medical advice.

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