Covid-19 India: This Woman Dies in a Car Due to Long Waiting to be Cared for

NOIDA, – A woman in India died in the car after waiting three hours to be treated, in the tsunami Covid-19 that crashed the country.

Jagriti Gupta struggles to get some air while sitting on a Suzuki 4×4, with her friend trying to get the hospital staff to help.

However, officers only approached him three hours later. At that time, he was declared not breathing.

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In the circulating video, it appears mother The 35-year-old sits panting in the parking lot of the GIMS Hospital.

To NDTV, eyewitnesses revealed he was standing while Gupta’s friends ran for help.

“Nobody listened to him. At around 3:30 p.m., he ran to the reception desk and stated that his friend was not breathing,” said the witness.

Reported Daily Mirror Saturday (1/5/2021), hospital officials rushed to the car and declared Gupta dead.

Gupta’s death on Thursday (29/4/2021) is one of the tragedies due to Covid-19 that hit India.

The South Asian country has reported more than 400,000 cases and 3,689 deaths in the past 24 hours.

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In a tweet that was responded to 132,000 times, a doctor named Sohil Makwana warned of the dangers of a second wave of the corona virus.

Dr Makwana posted two pictures, showing him wearing protective clothing and his body covered in sweat as he took it off.

“On behalf of doctors and health workers, we work very hard for our family,” explained Dr Makwana.

He reveals how they work even inches away from a dying patient.

“I beg you, get vaccinated immediately. That’s the only solution! Keep up the spirit,” continued Dr Makwana.

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Meanwhile, a fire engulfed a hospital in Gujarat, killing 16 patients and two health workers.

The fire that engulfed the Patel Welfare Covid-19 Hospital located in the city of Bharuch is being investigated.

In Agra, there are records of a female patient dying after her oxygen was confiscated and given to a VIP patient.

Video circulating shows a man crying and kneeling in front of police so as not to confiscate his mother’s oxygen.

The mother then died of the corona virus two hours later.

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