COVID-19: “It’s going to be the wave of the unvaccinated”

The increase in cases has continued in Quebec since the beginning of August and could cause problems for unvaccinated people.

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André Veillette, immunologist at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM), believes that there are still many people to be vaccinated.

“So it’s going to be the wave of the unvaccinated,” he said in an interview with LCN on Friday.

According to him, the youngest, who have a lower vaccination rate, are likely to be found in greater numbers in hospitals because of COVID-19.

He is particularly concerned about 0-11 year olds, who are not eligible to receive a vaccine.

“Each case of COVID is one too many,” he said.

He explains that each case of COVID-19 has the potential to lead to severe illness or long-term COVID, the symptoms of which last for weeks or even months.

“What we realize is that children are likely to be vectors, and that they are susceptible to long-term COVID, so it may be one in twenty, one in fifteen,” said affirmed the immunologist.

“Long-term COVID can be very debilitating in the long run. One in twenty is huge, ”said André Veillette.

“That’s why it’s a disease we don’t want to catch, and it’s a disease we don’t want our children to catch,” he said.

Mandatory vaccination

“This is one of the reasons why I think that everyone who is eligible for vaccination should be vaccinated,” added the specialist.

It is also said for compulsory vaccination for health personnel “for a long time”.

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He even goes further by asserting that anyone in contact with the public should be vaccinated.

“These people should be vaccinated. Whether teachers, people who work in banks, federal, provincial or municipal officials. There is a responsibility at the level of the employee and at the level of the employer ”, argued André Veillette.

Fourth wave

Although he believes that the fourth wave of the pandemic is mainly that of the unvaccinated, the immunologist still believes that some vaccinated will fall ill.

“There are some who are going to be unlucky,” said Mr. Veillette.

“Since several people are already vaccinated, it might go down, and up, and down, and up. Instead of having a big wave with a peak, you risk having something that lasts a little longer. We could have something up and down, ”explained the specialist.


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