“Covid-19 may never leave” – ​​Wel.nl

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the coronavirus “may never go away.” The experts of the organization fear a global mental health crisis due to the pandemic.

The Wednesday advised against trying to predict how long the coronavirus will last in our lives. “It’s important to say this: this virus can become one of the viruses that continues to circulate in our society. It may never go away, ”said Michael Ryan, WHO chief of crises. “There are no promises and no data. This disease can turn into a long-term problem, but it doesn’t have to be, ”Ryan continues.

The UN mental health department, meanwhile, warns of another crisis. “Isolation, fear, uncertainty and economic turmoil can all cause mental health problems,” said department director Devora Kestel. She expects a sharp increase in the severity of mental illness, including among children, adolescents and health care workers. “The mental health and well-being of entire societies is being severely affected by this crisis. Something needs to be done quickly, ”she says.

Sources): The Guardian


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