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Panama, May 15 (Prensa Latina) The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Panama (FMUP) today expressed reservations about the flexibility that is being done in the country for the mitigation measures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement signed by the dean of the FMUP, Enrique Mendoza, acknowledges that ‘We have responded vigorously to Covid-19 for more than two months. But let us not forget that it is an easily transmitted respiratory virus, the biology of which has not changed. ‘

He quoted the specialized weekly New England Journal of Medicine, in which experts published that “it would be surprising if we do not have new outbreaks or macro outbreaks by making mitigation measures more flexible.”

The interaction of the population with the virus is dynamic and to the extent that there is significant transmission, the possibility that individuals who are incubating the disease, or who have a low level of symptomatic infection, can reach communities that do not have contagions is high. said the source.

In expressing its concerns, the document issued by the FMUP asked how it could be controlled, for example, that once international flights have resumed, new imported cases occur or how to guarantee social distancing in the Panama Metro, which transports some 300 thousand daily users. .

Health academics recalled that Panama is among the highest rates in Latin America and the Caribbean in deaths from Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants, with a rate of 6.13, according to statistics from the American John Hopkins University, which in that The indicator placed the country in fourth place in the region last Wednesday.

“We understand that the transition from mitigation to the relaxation of measures is profoundly complicated and that there is no dynamics of implementation with universal validity,” said the text, which then questioned whether the country has the capacity to carry out massive tests to detect to the carriers and follow the chain of their contacts.

Globally, it is emphasized that the investigation of the broad masses is a way to know where the contagion is and to be able to isolate it, in which local experts also agree, but the implicit concern of the FMUP is that in Panama it is not possible to control a outbreak of the pandemic after relaxed confinement.

However, in their document they made their understanding explicit ‘that the decision to reopen the economy is not only medical or public health and we know the critical considerations to be analyzed from the economic and social perspective’.

In their conclusions they made the caveat that the motive of the document was to exercise the right to express thoughts when the lives of Panamanians are at stake, because the people ‘have not delegated decisions involving life or death, health or illness to any person or group of people in particular ‘, sentenced.

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