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Covid-19 Pandemic Effect, Parents in the US Stress Thinking About Their Children, Why? Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Pandemic Covid-19 stressing parents in the United States (US) on the education of their children.

Because the pandemic makes the situation of teaching and learning in schools insecure, while the school online make parents tired.

Launch Associated Press on Wednesday (7/15/2020), US President Donald Trump demanded that schools be reopened in the fall.

However, with a virus corona which appears widely in the US and even the world, many working parents do not see the appeal is good news.

“I don’t get help from my husband or other family members to care for my son,” said Michelle Brinson, who is a full-time worker for the Nashville nonprofit while raising her 11-year-old child alone.

Brinson, 50, said that by looking at his health, he became “afraid” of being infected with Covid-19.

He is also worried about letting his son go back to school, because there is a possibility of bringing the corona virus into the house and could be infected.

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“If I die or use a ventilator, what use will I have for him (his son)?” said Brinson.

Before the corona virus broke out, Brinson used to work every day and calmly let his son go to school.

When there was an announcement that the school was closed last March, Brinson was completely unprepared.

He took time off for a few days, until he received permission to work from home. Now his boss pressured him to go back to work at the office.

Meanwhile, Brinson claimed that the school online is a disaster.

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In Florida and Texas, the two US states that have a high number of Covid-19 cases, officials require school districts to offer private schools to those who want them.

The Texas guidelines for private schools cover the availability of tables that are 2 meters apart. If this is not possible, it is advisable to wash hands more frequently.

In addition, the school will also consider increasing air circulation from outside.

However, the offer of the school was not good enough according to Vicky Li Yip, who has three children aged 5, 8 and 10 years, respectively.

Li Yip is an employee who earned the right to work from his home in Houston. He admitted school online for her children is tiring for her, even though her husband has helped.

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In line with Brinson, for him the program back to school also did not become good news for him because the condition of his city which was the center of the spread of the corona virus.

He has considered what it means for his children who will face the possibility of exposure to dangerous viruses every day.

“It makes me cry just to say it (the impact of corona virus exposure),” said Li Yip.

“To think that I have to tell the children, when they see their grandparents, they can’t hug them,” he said, worried that other family members would be exposed to the corona virus.

Rebecca Witte, a Kansas Correction Department spokesman, acknowledged how difficult it was to help children go to school online, while at the same time he also had to work on 900 900 Kansas prisoners infected with the corona virus.

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Witte’s husband was a school principal, but at the time of the corona pandemic and the schools conducted teaching and learning activities online, her husband does not have enough time to help her child.

“Trying to work while working is difficult. It will be interesting to see what the (school) plans are in the fall. I hope they (the children) are not at home all the time with me trying to teach them while working,” he said.

Educational historian Jonathan Zimmerman said, the function of schools today is not only to teach basic skills and citizenship, but now schools have broad functions.

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The school is currently a legal social service agent, providing necessities such as free food and mental health services.

“The entire economic structure changed after the war, and formal education became a prerequisite for independence in an unprecedented way,” Zimmerman said.

When the school runs online the role of parents, he said, was increasingly added to their children, namely supervising education, ensuring their food needs, and managing children’s emotional states.

As a result, that’s when it is very easy for conflicts to occur in the family, because on the other hand parents still have to work as biased.



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