COVID-19: vaccination open to all is all the rage in Quebec

While already 275,000 appointments have been made in 48 hours, the Ministry of Health expects the pace of the vaccination operation open to all, which begins on the hats of wheel, to increase further in the next days.

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“Since Thursday’s announcement, there is only positive! There is really a nice response from Quebecers. We feel that there is a surge of confidence for vaccination and we want to continue to surf on it, ”explains Marjaurie Côté-Boileau, press secretary to the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

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Of the 275,000 appointments reserved, 190,000 were booked on Friday, at the opening of the vaccination for those aged 50 to 59.

It is “one of the strongest days” for making an appointment since the start of the operation.

But the addition of the age group of 40 years and over, on May 5, risks blowing up the counter.

Unlike the older groups, the latter did not have the opportunity to advance their vaccination by obtaining the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Already 500,000

Minister Dubé explained on Twitter on Sunday that counting the day Thursday – so before the opening for 50-59 year olds – more than 500,000 people had made an appointment.

After having reached the first million citizens vaccinated in 100 days, the second in 20 days and the third in 15 days, we therefore expect to reach the fourth million doses administered in an even shorter timeframe.

To date, 3,218,214 doses have been injected in the province.

But even if the pace will accelerate, “we will be able to adjust,” says Mme Côté-Boileau, in particular by adding vaccination time slots and hiring other vaccinators. At the beginning of March, they numbered 4,300 across Quebec, they are now more than 12,000.

The system for making appointments by phone, or on ClicSanté, which had experienced a few hiccups at the start of the campaign, will also resist the high traffic, she assures.

Stable balance sheet

In the past 24 hours, 49,609 more doses have been administered in the province. To date, 36.8% of the population has received a first dose in Quebec, but only 1.2% has been fully vaccinated.

In addition, the epidemiological situation in the province is maintained, with 1,006 new cases. It should be noted, however, that 12% fewer people were infected this week compared to the previous one, and 33% less compared to that of April 11. Nine deaths are however to be deplored, but hospitalizations decrease for a fifth day in a row, for a total of 574 (-4).

Appointments for vaccination by age group

  • 50-59 years old: since April 30
  • 45-49 years: from today
  • 40-44 years old: from May 5
  • 35-39 years old: from May 7
  • 30-34 years old: from May 10
  • 25-29 years old: from May 12
  • 18-24 years old : from May 14
  • 36,8 % of the Quebec population received a first dose
  • 70 000 remaining appointments to reach the 75% target for 50-59 year olds
  • 6.5 days on average to get an appointment
  • 8 May, date on which all residents in CHSLDs in the province will be fully vaccinated

Source: Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS)


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