Covid-19 vaccine: bill seeks to make it mandatory in Colombia – Congress – Politics

A bill of the Democratic Center seeks that every Colombian or foreigner over 16 years of age who resides in the national territory You must be immunized against covid-19 as a mandatory measure.

“Until the World Health Organization (WHO) declares that the covid-19 pandemic has been overcome worldwide, and under the terms established by the National Government, the presentation of the vaccination card will be required,” says the bill. 386, led by the representative to the House, Ricardo Ferro Lozano, and filed on November 17.

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The initiative adds that the National Government will determine the guidelines for the vaccination of minors, and establish the particular cases in which, due to health problems or other reasons, it is excluded from the measure.

“While it is true that in our legal system there is the right of people to make decisions about their own health, such as vaccination, it must be taken into account that the situation that brought about the covid-19 pandemic in the The country not only has effects on individual health as occurs with other public health phenomena, but the particular conditions of this phenomenon considerably increase the possibility of serious damage to third parties ”, indicates the bill.

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The representative Ricardo Ferro, author of the ‘Vaccines for all’ law which guarantees free vaccines for the entire Colombian population, maintains that this bill seeks “that we do not confine ourselves again by high spikes in infections, as we experienced in 2020”.

Ferro points out that this would not be the mandatory first vaccination, as are those that are part of the vaccination scheme for minors. “Health depends on getting vaccinated, it is a public health issue. It is not about taking care of just one life but that of all. Here the right to life prevails, ”he told EL TIEMPO.

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Given the increase in infections due to the coronavirus, several countries have extended the requirement of the vaccination card to enter public places. In Colombia, from December 1st The vaccination card must be presented with the complete schedule for face-to-face events and leisure activities.

Austria, For its part, it is the first country in the European Union where the vaccine will be mandatory for the entire population as of February 1, 2022.

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