COVID-19 Vaccine in Boston, Massachusetts: Schedule and Vaccination Centers

Boston initiated Phase 1 vaccination that prioritizes all public health personnel. (Graphic: Infobae)

In the last month of 2020, in The United States began the vaccination campaign against COVID-19. On December 11, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Pfizer vaccine and on December 18 approved the emergency use of the Modern pharmaceutical vaccine.

From that moment the first doses were destined exclusively to people who work in the health sector throughout the country. Mainly those who have direct contact with Covid patients. The United States health authorities designed a campaign that divides into phases the different vulnerable groups and those at high risk of becoming ill from COVID-19.

For the county of Massachusetts its vaccination campaign has been organized in three phases. The Phase 1 started in December 2020 until February 2021 where clinical and non-clinical health workers providing direct care for COVID, long-term care centers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as emergency medical services, police and fire, were seen.

With FDA approval, the United States authorized the use of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. (Photo: Lucy Nicholson / REUTERS)

People who work in collective care settings such as correctional and shelters, home health workers such as personal care assistants, independent nurses and skilled nursing staff, mental health providers and all other healthcare workers providing non-COVID care.

According to information from the state of Massachusetts, in Boston workers in the health sector will be vaccinated in their own workplace, In order to receive the corresponding doses, they must present an official identification that supports their status as a health worker.

The accepted identifications are:

-For licensed healthcare professionals, current Massachusetts professional license

Employer-issued photo identification card that includes your name and title

Letter from employer stating you are a current employee and an identification or state license with photography

Recent payment receipt and identification or state license with photography

Phase 1 vaccination in Massachusetts gives priority to all personnel working in the health sector, mainly those who care for COVID patients. (Photo: Isaac Buj / Europa Press)

For those who work in the care of emergency services in Boston and the greater Boston-Cambridge-Newton areaThey should check the availability of the vaccine and make an appointment to receive the dose. The vaccination centers that serve exclusively for lifeguards as of January 11 as part of Phase 1 are the following:

Cambridge – Garaje de First Street. It is necessary to attend by car to receive the vaccine, people who arrive on foot or by bicycle are not accepted.

Watertown City Hall

Milton City Hall

Dedham Town Hall

Academia Rumney Marsh

Somerville Police Department

Some vaccination centers only attend the candidates of the first phase by car, as a preventive measure and avoid the risk of contagion. (Photo: Octavio Jones / REUTERS)

Somerville Fire Department

Waltham Fire Department

Medford Police Station Community Room

Malden Police Station

Newton City Hall War Memorial Circle

Lynn Tech Cottage

Manet Community Health Center

Marblehead aging advice

It is important that the candidate to receive the Covid vaccine verifies the availability of the vaccination center and makes an appointment online. (Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach / REUTERS)

Norwood Police Department

Canton Fire Department

Stoughton Police Station

For the rest of the people interested in the acquisition of the vaccine and who comply with the profile of the Phase 1, the general vaccination center is the Holtzman Medical GroupYou must make an appointment on the website or call the number 781-770-4064.

There are other vaccination models for collective care settings that will go into effect from January 18 where the centers and shelters will be able to register and receive supplies to vaccinate 200 people. To do this, you will have to make an appointment with an official medical provider of vaccines, fill out a form and register for your center to be benefited, you must contact the email to learn more details about this program in Boston.

Workers who attend emergency services in Boston will be able to receive the vaccine in specialized centers where they will only attend first responders such as firefighters, paramedics and police. (Photo: Jeenah Moon / Pool via Reuters)

The following phases are scheduled for the next few months throughout the year 2021. The Phase 2 will continue from the last days of February to March, where the groups considered are adults over 75 years, residents of public and private low-income housing for the elderly, people who have one or more chronic diseases that represents a potential risk of becoming seriously ill.

As the dose delivery progresses, people who work in public transport, services, sanitation workers, public works, judicial services, early education workers, among others. This phase represents a mass vaccination of older people working in various public sectors. Phase 3 is estimated for the month of April onwards, where higher doses will help protect the rest of the population that was not previously considered.


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