COVID-19 Vaccine in Tampa, Florida: Schedule and Vaccination Centers

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With the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 and the Modern vaccine In December 2020, the country started a vaccination campaign for the different states and counties. The main objective is protect health personnel working to contain the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

In accordance with the Florida state government, it issued recommendations to its different counties to follow the strategy of the vaccination campaign spanning different phases. The priority groups to which the vaccine will be applied are:

Healthcare personnel in direct contact with patients (doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, orderlies working in COVID-19 hospitals, cleaning staff)

Residents and staff who work in long-term care facilities (workers who provide their services in adult homes, non-COVID-19 hospitals that treat other diseases)

People who are 65 years of age or older.

The health centers that administer the vaccines recommend arriving at the reserved time because they will not be attended if they arrive before or after the appointment. (Photo: EFE / Etienne Laurent)

People deemed extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 by hospital providers. (People who have a chronic condition or disease that exposes them to be vulnerable to becoming seriously ill).

These first groups correspond to the Phase 1 which is currently in process, for the month of March expected start with Phase 2 which represents a significant increase in the availability of vaccines in the country, consequently a greater application of doses to the citizens of the city. The groups considered for the second phase are the critical organizations identified by the Governor of Florida, vulnerable populations most at risk of becoming seriously ill.

For the city of Tampa that belongs to Hillsborough County there is a internet dating system to receive the corresponding dose of the vaccine. This first step needs to be followed, because walk-ins will not be served. The vaccine has no cost, It is free and voluntary for anyone who wishes to acquire it, in addition no health insurance required, it is only essential meet the profile of the first phase to be vaccinated.

In order to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, it is necessary to check the availability by state and county to make an appointment. (Photo: Craig F. Walker / Pool via REUTERS)

People interested in receiving the dose should enter the portal To create an account, for this it is necessary to have an email, you must fill in the data requested by the page, select the hospital or health center closest to your home that has the vaccine, at the end of the registration you will get a code With which will be presented on the day of your appointment.

Shall show up on time for your appointment, the recommended use of mask and a mask as a protection measure, in addition to maintaining a healthy distance within the place.

Due to the high demand for the COVID vaccine in Tampa, health authorities suspended appointments until they received a sufficient supply. (Photo: REUTERS / Willy Kurniawan)

People who arrive before or after their time will not be attended, this in order to speed up the administration of vaccines and avoid crowds. The Tampa health centers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are:

Adventhealth Tampa

Ed Root Sports Complex

Tampa University Mall

Hospital General Tampa

According to information published by the county government HillsboroughDue to the high demand for the drug, dating in the region has been suspended until further notice, as the state of Florida authorizes and distributes higher doses of vaccines for each region will resume service. At the moment the health centers offer their services to carry out the screening tests of the virus, until the supply of vaccines is normalized.


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