Health Covid-19: what can I do outdoor exercise during the...

Covid-19: what can I do outdoor exercise during the pandemic?

With a large amount of information on the outdoor exercise during the pandemic Covid-19, we asked an infectologist on the subject.

Are you not sure if you should do exercise outdoors during the pandemic of covid-19, go for a run or go to a park these times? Here you have the answers.

There is a lot of contradictory information on the measures that should be taken to prevent the spread of covid-19 to exercise. This is due, in part, that each country and even each state or municipality usually make their own determinations. To be sure, we come with an expert, infectologist Alejandro Macias, Special commissioner for the Care of the Influenza in Mexico in 2009.

We know that you’re dying of wanting to return to the training and to help you, you did the most common questions around this subject to Dr. Macias, who is a Master in Sciences of Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases by the University of London.

Covid-19: what can I do outdoor exercise during the pandemic?

Is it a good idea to go running during the quarantine?

“Outdoor activities, when done individually, they are of very little risk to others since the droplets of secretions that may be expelled by means of deep breathing will rapidly disperse. It is good to get out to do exercise: cycling, running, or walking if the individual keeps working on their own, not in group. When crossing path with other people there are that try to keep some distance though, I insist, it is low-risk,” explains Dr. Macias

Should I use a mask when running?

“It is a matter of controversy. I think that, in general terms, must wear a mask in the bag for when you stop running or are close to areas where they will have interaction with other people. The time in which they are running the risk is very low,” he says.

If you live in Mexico City, where they have already opened some parks, such as Chapultepec Forest or the Tlalpan for physical activity, it is important that you follow the instructions of the staff and if I ask you to use the mask at all times, then do it.

Can I go to a gym?

The margin of what they say the authorities around at the time that these establishments can open their doors again, Dr. Macias says the following:

“I wouldn’t go to a gym because it is a closed place where there is much danger every time the secretions float in the air. I would say that those who come to a gym is to ensure that the place is well ventilated”.

If you don’t want to expose yourself to attend a gym, you can opt for a public park, where, according to the expert, would have to keep his distance from people as possible.

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How to make exercise helps me to prevent infections?

“Physical activity is not going to prevent you from getting sick from infections, but yes going to keep us very sick. This disease in particular, the covid-19, or the flu, for example, tend to deal better with those who are in better physical condition”.

Some of the conditions that put the subject at increased risk of developing complications product of the coronavirus, such as diabetes, can be prevented or managed with physical activity.

“The exercise is of extraordinary importance. It is something that we should do all. It not only enhances the functions of heart and lung, but it improves the joint mobility and better cleaning cell. Is often necessary to weigh up the advantage provided by the exercise in terms of weight control, but I would say that that is the least advantage. Physical activity helps us a lot more for everything else.”

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Do major sporting events, such as marathons, should be resumed before that we have an immunization for covid-19?

“The sports massive as hiking or running marathons would be dangerous as the density of people would be very close to each other and then yes, at least theoretically, is much more possible that the respiratory secretions of a few to reach to the others and there is a greater risk of becoming infected. I would not do it before we have a vaccine or with an increased immunity of the population group, which is known as herd immunity,” says the specialist.

By Victor Martinez.


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