World "Covid, 5 children hospitalized in severe conditions in Puglia":...

“Covid, 5 children hospitalized in severe conditions in Puglia”: the alarm from epidemiologist Lopalco

“Five boys between 20 and 30 years of age are hospitalized in hospitals in Puglia in severe conditions”. The alarm is raised by the epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco who highlights how among the 48 hospitalized in Puglia there are also five boys who have manifested the symptoms of Covid in a heavy way. The average age of the infected, therefore, is lowering and the symptoms in the very young are not always mild or absent.

Confirming the lowering of the average age of Covid patients there is also the data of the infected coming from a holiday abroad. Of the 77 coronavirus positives counted in Salento, 41 contracted the infection abroad. This is what emerges from the report of the ASL of Lecce which analyzes the epidemiological trend in the countries of the Salento province by comparing the data from last February 29 to today. The municipalities in which the highest number of cases are recorded are Lecce and Poggiardo, with 10 and six positives each.

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“We remember the importance of the obligation of self-reporting for those arriving in Puglia from other Italian regions or from abroad, a useful tool for the testing-tracing-tracking activities of our prevention department”, declares Fabrizio Quarta, director of the complex operating unit of epidemiology and statistics of the Lecce Asl. And he adds: “Between July 23 and August 6, 65 thousand self-report forms were sent to the prevention department from Italy and abroad, out of a total of 120 thousand forms received since the beginning of the pandemic”.



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