Covid also scared the Prague Stock Exchange, but shares of Avast and MONETA are at an all-time high





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Prague Stock Exchange for the second week in a row, it experienced more significant exchange rate changes in a number of issues, and this time as well
index PX. He first found himself at Monday’s border 1,345 points, on Thursday, on the contrary, 30 points higher, and then at the end of the week by profits came. Global sell-off in the markets, following the published new mutaci
coronavir, because he pushed index PX on the final less than 1,352 points. He therefore depreciated 0.8% in a week.

Due to their weight, they played a negative role the most shares KB, which reported losses for the third week in a row. They have lost over 10% since their 2.5-year highs at the beginning of the month. It loses similarly for a long time shares PHOTON
to Prague Stock Exchange ocitly v Friday at the new minimum this year, resp. lowest since last June. They have lost almost half their value since the beginning of the year.

The losses eventually suffered as well shares COKE, which at the same time first after the report of economic growth
results headed higher. On Monday, shareholders will sanctify the proposed
dividend 13,50 CZKwhile doing so Day D for the claim was already November 22. Mention may be made of the title of a small so-called insider purchase when the CFO
Polish daughter Martin Rosypal bought 249 shares for course 315 CZK.

Liqueur action STOCK

in fact, they also lost unexpectedly, as if the shareholders did not want to wait for the takeover to complete companies and a financial compensation of 3.77 GBP/ share. The title is so on Prague Stock Exchange started trading at a discount in the middle of the week, resp. so here he ended his work (at 111 CZK).

They are at their lowest level since the end of September shares ČEZ, despite actually still holding high electricity prices. The announcement of production growth did not help the title either
hydroelectric power plants or daily production record from core. In any case, the title maintains its lead in liquidity when the week with more than billion crowns
took care of more than a third shops on Prague Stock Exchange. It is possible to mention the group BlackRock, which is relatively active in the title in the second half of November, when it declassified the inter – day changes in the thousands shares. Last data as of 23.11. speaks of ownership of 5.378 mil. shares
ČEZ, resp. with other related instruments actually a stable share in energy group 1.09%. Concernably debatable completion Dukovan another step has taken place, which approximates the announcement of the tender. State he received all three safety questionnaires from the applicants (EdF, Westinghouse, KHNP).

Published significantly growth economic results CZG helped almost erase the loss of the title after the recent sale of the block shares with a discount, however Friday’s pessimistic mood profits limited. As well as actually on shares FIRSTwho first tried to grow back to border 40 EUR. As expected, Thursday’s general meeting approved the euro dividend, with the claim the title will be traded for the last time on Monday. While a shareholder novice Wellington it no longer moved its share, the world’s largest investment group does not seem to want to be a major minority. BlackRock namely, it reduced its share to the same 4.98%.

Actions CURRENCY, following the improved conditions of the transaction with PPF, have improved their historical highs. So do shares Avast, though actually shares taking over NortonLifeLock (NLOK) on Wall Street continues to sleep.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that in connection with the termination of trading with shares STOCK

there will be changes in index PX, hence the sister indices. This will reduce the number of emissions to 12, which will “share” a relatively significant share
shares liqueurs. Their weight was 3.71% on Friday.

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