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Covid, Conte and Speranza unload the responsibilities on Crisanti. Pandemic plan 2006 “totally ineffective” and “serious error of the consultant Crisanti” who “led the Public Prosecutor’s Office to follow it”. The former Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and the former Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, defended themselves on the merits from the accusations of murder, culpable epidemic and refusal of official documents, before the Court of Ministers of Brescia for the investigation by the Bergamo prosecutor’s office with 19 suspects on the management of the pandemic. The two former members of the yellow-red Executive are responsible for the failure to establish the red zone (Conte) and implement the pandemic plan (Hope). At the college presided over by judge Mariarosa Pipponzi, the leader of the Five Star Movement spoke for an hour, answering “all the questions” because “today he has the documents that he did not have when he was heard on June 12, 2020”. «Above all – he added – he did not have, because neither did the prosecutors, the report of March 2 (of the Cts, ndr)” and “the informal note of March 2” said with respect to the fact that the former prime minister, heard for the first time by the Bergamo investigators, had declared that he had become aware of the epidemiological situation in Val Seriana only since March 5 . “That informal note” was not “in the records” and Conte “commented and explained his position on that day”.

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The position taken by Speranza’s lawyers was decided, heard for 30 minutes and who filed a long statement. The 2006 pandemic plan “was totally ineffective for fighting Covid” and “why it had not been renewed” we must ask “who was there in the previous 13 years” says Professor Guido Calvi – former parliamentarian for three terms and member of the CSM – and the lawyer Danilo Leva. The former minister maintained a “strict conduct” by taking “all measures starting with the blocking of flights from China”. “Only January 30th did the WHO trigger the need to move from one phase to another more advanced one, that of January 5th was a non-binding recommendation”, they concluded with reference to the charge of refusal of acts of office. Now the Court of Ministers has 90 days to decide whether to file or ask for authorization to proceed to Parliament against the former prime minister and former minister under investigation “in cooperation” with the heads of Italian, Lombard and Bergamo health care at the time , for some of which there are accusations of abuse and refusal of official acts, ideological and material forgery, injuries. Among the main accusations, the failure to extend the red zone in Val Seriana in the meetings of the Scientific Technical Committee of 26-27-28 February 2020, to propose only “supplementary measures” in those of 29 February and 1 March and the failure to implement the pandemic plan – although not updated – and of the Covid plan drawn up by some members of the CTS coordinated by Professor Stefano Merler and which it had already been decided to stick to since the meeting on February 20. The investigation into the leaders of the Lombardy Region also concerns the emails with which the “maintenance of the containment measures” was requested despite the “awareness” of the epidemiological situation. The court of Ministers will have to decide on its jurisdiction over Conte and Speranza – for which it is not yet defined whether they will in turn be called to appear in the coming weeks – on the basis of an innovative legal interpretation of the concepts of “cooperation” or ” complicity” in a crime. Alternatively, it will be necessary to transfer the documents again to the court of Bergamo.

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