COVID – “Hotels are not going to supply the local market”, predicts Francisco Javier García

Many people are desperate to get out of the confinement they have been in for almost two months and go on a vacation to a place with a beach, pool, buffet, room service and all the comforts that Dominican Republic hotels offer.

This is why the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, foresees that when people have the opportunity to travel inland, to stay in a hotel, the hotels will not supply the local market.

García explained that spending so much time trusting causes excess stress in people because what energizes human beings is contact with nature and not contact with the walls, ceiling or zinc of a house.

“All these establishments that we have in the interior of the country, in almost all the provinces, are going to be there ready to receive Dominicans from the urban centers who are going to visit those places …I think that internal tourism is going to be strongly revitalized in the Dominican Republic ”, The minister said this Friday during a conversation with members of the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (Adompretur).

García also indicated that in a month the Dominican Republic may be ready to receive tourists because the sector is ready.

Local market: essential to revive the economy

Yesterday the president of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD), Celso Juan Marranzini, explained that the consumption of local products will be essential to revive the economy when it returns to the “new normal”.

“Local consumption is key to economic recovery, job recovery and to resume our exports,” said the business leader during a virtual seminar in which several experts analyze the impact of the pandemic.

Marranzini stated that it will be essential from direct household consumption to consumption that passes through other productive segments or through government purchases themselves.

“By prioritizing the consumption of the MADE IN DR we can all support Dominican employment and added value to get out of the crisis and for social welfare in the future,” he stressed.


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