Covid, Nas carabinieri in spas and wellness centers. 11 structures closed – Chronicle

11 structures closed as part of the checks carried out by the Nas carabinieri, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, in sthermal baths, wellness centers and spas. The control activities involved overall 628 facilities and activities: Irregularities were found in 95 of them, equal to 15% of the inspected targets, and 11 were suspended “due to serious shortcomings”.

From the checks they emerged 38 violations on the correct implementation of the containment measures to the spread from Covid-19, relating, in particular, to: failure to use personal protective equipment and face masks; absence of periodic sanitation operations, of information in favor of users about the rules of conduct, of interpersonal distancing and of maximum capacity in the environments; failure to assess the epidemic risk within the facilities.

Among these, 11 specific sanctions concerned theabsence of checks by the operator on the possession of the Covid green certification and on the failure to prevent access to services not currently available, such as the Turkish bath. A further 104 violations concerned situations of irregularities for reasons of cleanliness and hygiene of the environments used in the spa and wellness treatments, structural and authorization deficiencies on the correct exercise of the activities and the presence of personnel without suitable professional qualifications for carrying out aesthetic activities and massages.

Overall they were 98 people reported to the judicial and administrative authorities, carrying out the seizure of over 660 kilos of food products held in the refreshment areas and administration of the activities, contesting administrative violations for 97 thousand euros. Among the sector violations contested during the campaign, 5 concerned sanctions of the specific regulation of spas, identifying spas that offered treatments of a ” thermal ” nature although in the absence of waters of recognized therapeutic efficacy.

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. Among the most important transactions: the Nas of Pescara, in three hotels with adjoining wellness centers in the municipalities of San Giovanni and Vasto (Chieti) and Teramo, have sanctioned the owners for maintaining kitchens and related food deposits in hygienic-structural and organizational deficiencies, failing to implement the procedures related to the traceability of food and the containment of Covid-19. In the two annexed catering activities, the omitted indication, in the menu, of the presence of allergens in the dishes administered was also ascertained. The Health Authority has ordered, for two accommodation activities, the closure of the premises intended for the preparation and administration of food until the minimum hygiene conditions are restored as well as the destruction of 90 kg of untraceable food products. The value of what is bound amounts to over 500,000 euros.

Nas operations in Italy

In another hotel-spa accommodation facility a Pietracamela (Teramo), the NAS sanctioned the manager for allowing access to the pool to a customer without a green pass, for keeping the kitchen and storage rooms in poor hygienic conditions and for failing to implement food self-control procedures and indication of the presence of allergens in the dishes. THE Nas of Campobasso they sanctioned three wellness centers – in Termoli and Mafalda (Cambosasso) and in Miranda (Isernia) – because the activities were presented as equipped spas although they lacked thermal waters of recognized therapeutic efficacy.

I Nas on Viterbo, in Tarquinia, they reported to the Health Authority the manager of a swimming pool with an adjoining restaurant business, for having activated the system using water without the requisites of potability, found to be contaminated by the bacterium “pseudomonas auriginosa” and for having administered food and drinks in unauthorized premises. The mayor of the municipality has ordered the closure of the swimming pool whose value amounts to approximately 500,000 euros.

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I Nas of Bologna reported to the Administrative Authority the legal manager of a wellness center, in Faenza (Ravenna), with an adjoining restaurant business since in the course of the control activity, non-compliances were ascertained regarding the failure to verify the Green pass for users and on the measurements of hygiene parameters of the swimming pools of the structure, the failure to apply self-control food and cleaning in the three dining areas attached to the structure.

I Nas of Florence have denounced the legal representative of a Chianciano Terme hotels (Siena) since it was held responsible for not having regularly maintained the fire-fighting devices (fire extinguishers and hydrants) located in the hotel and failed to implement the planned containment measures for the spread of Covid-19 (absence of signs and information for customers ).

I Nas di Latina seized 30 kg of various food products (meat, fish and vegetable preparations) stored in a fridge freezer, in artisanal packaging from a wellness center in Fiuggi (Frosinone), with an adjoining accommodation and restaurant business anonymous with no traceability. THE Nas in Parma have sanctioned the lawyer responsible for a wellness and beauty center in the city for failing to implement the containment measures of Covid-19 (failure to affix the signs indicating the maximum number of customers allowed who can access the structure at the same time) and for the failure to appoint the “Responsible technician” for activities dedicated to the care and cleansing of the body.

I Nas of Reggio Calabria, at two hotels with adjoining wellness centers in Gambarie di Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, they seized a total of 280 kg of food found to be devoid of indications of origin and / or provenance and ascertained structural-hygienic deficiencies in the premises intended for the storage and preparation of food. One of the two accommodation facilities did not have the authorization titles for the wellness center, which was also affected by structural and hygienic deficiencies, for which a proposal for closure was made.

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I Nas of Catanzaro have sanctioned the legal representative of a wellness center attached to an accommodation facility, in Falerna Marina, for failing to implement suitable epidemic containment measures from Covid-19, not arranging the dispensers of sanitizing liquids for users and the signs bearing the information on anti Covid-19 behavioral rules. The same Unit at an additional wellness center and spa belonging to a hotel in Joppolo (Vibo Valentia) has ascertained the failure to implement the containment measures of Covid-19 in particular the failure to record the accesses to the structure as well as the correct sanitation of the premises .

I Nas in Palermo the lawyers responsible for two wellness centers respectively in the municipalities of Valderice (Trapani) and Palermo reported to the Health Authority, for not inhibiting users’ access to the Turkish bath for which use is prohibited by the containment measures of Covid -19. The owners were administratively sanctioned and the ancillary closure of the structures was ordered for 5 days. The value of what is bound amounts to over 170,000 euros.

I Nas di Ragusa denounced the manager of a wellness center in Caltanissetta, as he was held responsible for having omitted the drafting of the risk assessment document for the workplaces of the structure, in particular on the biological risk connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. The same Unit, at a further wellness center with an adjoining restaurant business, in Modica (Ragusa), proceeded to seize 52 kg of expired food.

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