Covid recognized occupational disease

Once the emergency phase officially ended, the covid pandemic seems not to want to loosen the grip on the world (when the pandemic will really end: the scenarios). In Italy the percentage of hospitalizations and the incidence of cases has dropped significantly, but the level of contagion continues to worry not a few countries.

That is why European state governments, workers and employers participating in the EU advisory committee for safety and health at work (Ccss) have reached an agreement concerning the classification of Covid-19 at the working level.

Covid and employment, what changes in the workplace

Covid-19 will be officially recognized as an occupational disease. The CCSS has asked all member countries to update their own national list of work-related pathologies.

Once coronavirus infection is recognized as an occupational disease in a Member State, workers in the affected sectors who have become infected in the workplace will be able to enjoy specific rights under national rules, such as the right to compensation.

The categories concerned

The recognition of Covid as an occupational disease concerns the sectors ofhealth and home careof the social services and in the sectors in which the activities with a proven risk of infection are concentrated (Meanwhile, the test that distinguishes Covid from the flu arrives: here is where you can buy it).

According to theEnpamthe Medical and Dentist Welfare Institution, the agreement represents “an important stance especially towards doctors and dentistsbecause it confirms what we have supported since the beginning of the pandemic, when our first colleagues fell in the vain effort to fight Covid-19 ″.

How the state will move: the idea of ​​Enpam

It now remains to be determined how the state intends to adapt to European standards. As the president of Enpam recalled Alberto Oliveti, there is already a tool that could be used effectively. “It’s about the state fund for deaths at workestablished with the 2007 budget law, which unfortunately has an endowment insufficient to cover all eligible holders. An increase in these funds, in the light of the decision of the European Union, would be a significant gesture on the part of the state ”.

The next steps

One is expected by the end of the year new recommendation from the European Commission, with which the current provision on occupational diseases will be updated. Member States will then be called upon to adapt theirs national laws (here we have explained how Covid produces effects even after years).

In Italy, the problem had already been tackled in the middle of the pandemic. In order to remedy the lack of insurance coverage for deaths from Covid-19 in the workplace, Inail has in fact recognized compensation to employed doctors by retroactively assimilating Covid to an accident at work. A move that he saw, however freelancers and parasubordinates excluded not enrolled in the Institute, and therefore also the surviving family members of family doctors.

The decision of the European Union “now opens the way to recognition of the occupational disease to all white coats and it should push the State, as we wish, to retroactively recognize all the doctors who fell due to Covid-19 with that compensation that has so far only concerned a part of them “, commented Oliveti again.

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