Covid, Russia: Vladimir Putin received third dose Sputnik

The booster dose – The injection was “painless,” he assured Logunov. The confirmation was then given by the president of the Federation in a television video broadcast on the Russian state broadcaster Rossia 24.

After the first two doses of Sputnik V received in March and April, Putin received a dose of Sputnik Light, a single-dose vaccine.

The numbers of Russia – Although Russia has several vaccines of its own design, only 36.7% of the population is fully immunized, according to the Gogov specialist website. To date, Russia has officially registered 9,331,158 coronavirus cases and 264,095 deaths, making it the country most affected by the pandemic in Europe. Russia continues to produce dramatic figures with 1,252 deaths from Covid, following the record of 1,254 deaths on Saturday, with 36,970 new cases up from 37,120 on Saturday.

Putin: ready to experiment with anti-Covid nasal spray – The Russian president has volunteered to test a nasal coronavirus vaccine under development at the Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. “Can I participate in this experiment?” Asked the deputy director of the Logunov center directly. The specialist replied that it would be necessary to sign a consent. “Okay, I’ll definitely sign it. You can do it right away”, Putin’s response.

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