Covid, Sanofi renounces the messenger RNA vaccine. “Positive data” but it would arrive too late on the market

Sanofi – which together with GSK had developed a recombinant protein-based vaccine that should be ready at the end of December – will not go through phase 3 testing for your vaccine a Rna messenger against Covid-19, the last step before commercialization. It will continue to develop the other compound to prevent Sars Cov 2 virus. The French company simultaneously announced positive phase 1-2 trial results for its messenger RNA vaccine, but believing the product will hit the market too late, it did not consider. to go further.

“The initial phase 1-2 data showed – according to Sanofi – two weeks after a second injection, neutralizing antibody seroconversion in 91% -100% of study participants in all 3 tested dosages. No safety issues have been observed and the tolerability profile is comparable to that of other Covid-19 vaccines not modified in mRna, ”the company emphasizes.

“We are happy to see positive initial results – says Jean-Francois Toussaint, global head of research and development, Sanofi Pasteur – We’ve made an impressive leap in just 17 months since we started this first mRna vaccine project. Today we have a promising mRna platform that we are taking to the next level of development, including moving to modified mRna technology and against other diseases, including the flu“.

But today Le Monde dedicates the first page to the decline of French research, once one of the flagships of the country. “Year after year – writes the Parisian newspaper – France moves away from the leading group of world research. Publications, financing, wages, equipment: the symptoms and causes of this downgrade are numerous. In the meantime – Le Monde warns – China is gaining gallons of great scientific power ”.

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