In the face of the news of a possible new peak of the infection, the situation of the Sulmona hospital raises concern. The alarm is raised by Catia Puglielli, territorial contact person of the Health Court. “Covid medicine, which I remind everyone that it is not and cannot be considered a ward, is now full – underlines Puglielli – understandably we had to respond to requests for help from the coast but now we must think about restoring a gray area and to a patient management plan even no covid. We can no longer go on like this. Precisely because of this situation, access to the emergency room today must be rationalized as much as possible to the detriment of the patient who has to go to private facilities in order to be treated “. “On health we want concrete answers, not parades” concludes Puglielli, alluding to those who continue to make promises without anything concrete and to make simple propaganda about the health of citizens, without useful results for anyone. A way of doing politics that can only indignant and that continues to encounter too many silences, too much indifference and too much complicity even in our territory, from politicians that the territory should represent and serve. While too often they continue to look after only their own partisan interests, omitting their duty, succumbing to team orders. Except then make hypocritical scenes, tearing up his clothes when the territory is still humiliated by unjust and penalizing decisions for citizens and for the weakest categories.

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