Covid Simulator invites you to dominate the pandemic in a video game where everything has its importance

Vaccination rates, predominant variant, use of masks or not are some of the elements to modify.

Video games do not avoid Covid-19, and on this occasion we are not referring to the logistical problems caused by the pandemic and the misfortunes that accompany it, but rather to their use as a source of inspiration to bring all kinds of related experiences to the public. The last one is named Covid Simulator, and allows users to simulate different work environments by modifying a large number of parameters.

Vaccination rates, use of masks, predominant variant or number of employees are some of the elements that the player will be able to change to create their scenarios and find out if their company is capable of continuing to be profitable. In addition, the game takes into account the presence or not of anti-vaccines among the hired personnel, including the importance of the means to combat the pandemic.

Experiences can be quite varied. The one present here has played a first game without much success taking advantage of its demo version, which can be downloaded completely free via A complete edition with a greater number of options can also be purchased in exchange for $2.99. Later, on January 25, the launch of Covid Simulator on Steam is set.

From Kotaku Sisi Jiang shares more detailed impressions about the experience, explaining how he has been able to make the company profitable with high vaccination rates. Naturally, there are other ways to achieve victory, and users will be able to unleash their creativity. Covid Simulator, on the other hand, reminds us the success of Plague Inc: Evolved, which triggered its activity in the confirmatorio.r

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