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“COVID struck us down”: the drama of a young woman who lost her parents, her grandmother and her uncle in 20 days and was left alone with her brothers

Sasha, the young woman who lost almost her entire family to COVID-19

My grandmother Flora died first, on September 4. Then it was my mom on the 12th, my uncle followed on the 22nd and finally my dad on the 24th”. Thus, with surprising fortitude, Sasha Ávila summarized in dialogue with Infobae the tragic 20 days that changed his life forever and in the most cruel way. He is just 18 years old and due to the coronavirus, he lost almost his entire family. “It was in no time. COVID did not strike instantly. Now there are only my brothers and I“the young woman lamented.

Sasha describes it as a wave that swept through her family and gave them no chance at anything. That is why she is indignant and hurts when the seriousness of the disease is questioned or when there are some manifestations that put the majority of the population at risk. “This is not Bill Gates’ invention. This is serious. This virus exists and kills. That’s why I can’t believe that there are people in the streets burning chinstraps“, critical.

Mabel and Javier, Sasha's parents

Mabel and Javier, Sasha’s parents

The massive contagion within his family began with his grandmother Flora, a 93-year-old woman, who could not withstand the onslaught of the pandemic and died. Carlos (68), the uncle, was the second to contract the disease. The man lived with Flora and as Sasha described, the coronavirus also struck him brutally. “My uncle fell and couldn’t stand up. My grandmother, meanwhile, coughed and felt cold, “the young woman told Infobae.

Third place in this tragic and unstoppable series of infections went to Mabel Levandosky, his mother. A 50-year-old woman, a kindergarten teacher, but with a serious health history. She suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Like her uncle, she was admitted to the Avellaneda Medical Center clinic but neither of them could withstand the damage of COVID-19 and they died. Almost like an announced chronicle, Javier Ávila, his father, also caught the disease. Like his wife, this 64-year-old history professor had antecedents that aggravated his condition. He suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma.

As soon as they found out that they were ill, Sasha’s parents went to see the Prompt Attention Unit (UPA) of Camino Negro and Recondo, in Villa Fiorito, Lomas de Zamora, with great concern about their pre-existing pathologies. They never came back. The woman was taken to Avellaneda, the man remained in the Unit until he died.

Mabel and Javier lived in Ingeniero Budge together with Sasha, two other daughters, ages 19 and 16, and a little boy named Mijail, barely 12 years old. They all got it. In fact, for that reason Sasha could not say goodbye to her grandmother, her mother or her uncle. He could barely see his dad behind glass as he fought for his life, amidst tubes and artificial air. “We also had coronavirus and the State was not there. They never did any swabs. I personally suffered it with several symptoms. It was hard and I felt it. I started with a tremendous headache, diarrhea, dizziness and pressure in my eyes as if they were going to come out., decay, I didn’t even want to get out of bed. But she hit my parents harder ”, said the young woman.

Carlos, the young woman's uncle

Carlos, the young woman’s uncle

The 18-year-old also took the opportunity to denounce that while the family went through the disease in Lomas de Zamora, they felt abandoned and regretted the situation that her father had to go through, especially, who, she said, was not given the attention he deserved. “I do not criticize either the doctors or the nurses. I take my hat off for them. They do what they can, with what little they have at hand. Here those responsible are those who are higher. In addition, the care of the poor always has problems. Nothing ever happens to rich people”Said the young woman. According to Ávila, it took hours at first for UPA staff to attend to him due to the large number of people who came minute by minute.

It was not the only thing. Last Friday, September 25, when the family, friends and neighbors were waiting for the hearse to see Javier off, they contacted one of the deceased man’s brothers from the wake house to inform him that the UPA had not had the minutes. of death. Without that paper, it was impossible to take the body. When Sasha’s uncle showed up – he related – the Nursing coordinator told him that “I was seeing which doctor had to sign the document”. That is, he suffered delays in the delivery of the remains due to a procedure that had to be solved in a simple way.

Flora, her grandmother, and Carlos, the uncle

Flora, her grandmother, and Carlos, the uncle

“My father has been the love of my life, despite everything, he was always there for everyone, not only for me, and when he died we decided to say goodbye to him in the best way along with neighbors, friends, party colleagues, and family, but he existed a great difficulty at the time of saying goodbye, a difficulty that should not have been, and for that reason I, together with my family, decided that the Secretary of Health of the Municipality ”, said Sasha, who also uploaded two videos on social networks counting their situation and that had a wide repercussion.

Before the pandemic, the young woman’s life was like that of anyone else her age. She still didn’t know whether to study journalism or be a history teacher. “I study at the José Luis Delpini school in Villa Lugano, in front of Villa 20. And I want to thank you because from the institution they made a collection and are helping us. I could not continue my studies now. I feel sad and depressed. When you feel like this, it is very difficult to concentrate. We are devastated but very grateful for the care and help from many places. That makes it easier, ”he said.

Sasha is 18 years old and lost her family to the coronavirus

Sasha is 18 years old and lost her family to the coronavirus

His younger brother, Mikhail, was the most shocked. The death of his parents due to the disease awakened in him a feeling of guilt that causes concern in his sisters. Is that according to Sasha, the little boy believes that Mabel and Javier lost their lives because of him and began to regret all the times they argued.

Sasha tries to make him understand that it is not like that but for now there is no point. “We are worried because he says he wants to commit suicide. This hit him very hard and being so young, his parents are underground. We want to seek help because we could not lose another person in this family”, He sentenced.

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