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Carpi, 23 October 2021 – “Come are we living these moments? We have fear that the nightmare will return. Perhaps we had deluded ourselves that it was almost over and now we feel it very close. We ask for the salivary swab in all schools“. To give vent to his emotions and fears is one mom of a boy who attends the Margherita Hack first grade secondary school in Carpi. Institute closely connected with the primary don Milani, not only for the physical proximity, but because many pupils have younger brothers or sisters who attend the elementary school of which the temporary suspension of face-to-face teaching activities, given the presence of 29 positive schoolchildren.

The update Covid outbreak Carpi, swabs on the carpet: “We are afraid that the school will not reopen”

A news which soon spread in the chat of parents of Carpi schools, arousing fears and feelings that it was hoped belonged to the past. “I am in class with my son two companions who have younger brothers at Don Miliani – continues the mother who prefers to remain anonymous -. One is already at home as a precaution. We parents we are living in anxiety and nightmare, always hooked up to cell phones and computers to see if any communications should arrive from the school. Fortunately, in the classroom the boys always keep the same seats, so that if any classmates test positive, only those in his row will be swabbed. They spend recess at the desk, so as not to have contact. A bit like the ‘bubbles’ in the nursery mothers “.

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Even at medium Hack there is a quarantined class. “Here in the Cibeno district everything is connected, school, extra activities. My son, for example, attends the Acr (Catholic Action for Children) and catechism classes in the church of Sant’Agata: today (yesterday for the reader, ed) the communication arrived from the educators that, following the positivity at the Don Milani school, the activities tomorrow (today for the reader, ed) will be suspended, as a precaution, given that our parish has many brothers between elementary and middle school and the children are friends with each other. My husband and I had already decided not to send our son to the activities for safety, since last week with him there were also brothers of children of Don Milani who then tested positive “.

“We live now obsessed with any symptom of our children: maybe it’s just a little cold but we’re scared. This is why we ask that they be extended to all schools i salivary swabs (and not only to the ‘sentinel classes’ of Rodari and Pertini): at least it is a first control that can act as a filter “.

There are Don Milani in the primary 11 classes, for a total of 278 students, to which they are added 23 teachers (of which only one positive) more two support and Ata staff: three classes were already in quarantine for a few days, of which two (a third and a fourth) with many positives, while in the third class (a first) there are two positive students at Covid. The activity of the other eight classes was suspended on Thursday evening due to the high number of positive students. Yesterday a first class was swabbed at thel Drive through via dell’Agricoltura, while an extraordinary plan of swabs to all pupils and operators of the school: in all about 300 people will be subjected to molecular swabs, almost all pupils. On the basis of the results, the adoption of further measures will be evaluated in view of Monday.

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