Covid, the war is over: now an amnesty is needed

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End of the Covid emergency, let’s break ranks once and for all. The World Health Organization decreed yesterday the official end of the Covid pandemic. The toll is 20 million deaths worldwide in three years, and this shows how stupid the discussions are about whether it was a real emergency or not. To give a yardstick, in the Second World War, including the atomic bomb, 60 million civilians and soldiers died. Triple of Covid is true, but also almost triple of the years.

So yes, it was a war. As in war, sacred liberties are inevitably restricted in times of peace, and mistakes are also made which, in hindsight, appear foolish and unwarranted.

And let’s say it just as clearly, if science hadn’t flooded the world with vaccines in record time, the budget would have been even heavier, and it is not certain that today we would be definitively out of it. It is true that at the end of every war there are courts to deal with, but only those who have committed crimes who are aware of doing so end up in the dock. Anyone who has simply made a mistake or carried out wrong orders is not held accountable. Now, to date there is no evidence that Covid has been managed both scientifically and politically by war criminals, so in the absence of new clues I would be in favor of launching the proposal for an amnesty.

That’s how it went, everyone did their part in good faith, against an enemy of whom little or nothing was known. All the rest are just conspiracy theories, suggestive and some even fascinating, but precisely theories. And even if one day it turns out that vaccines have had more side effects than expected, nothing changes. Having said that even before Covid, deaths from cardiovascular problems, from heart attacks and strokes, were the leading cause of death in the world, even more than tumors.

I have no illusions that having declared the end of hostility coincides with the end of the controversy, because who found visibility, and in some cases even money, arguing that Covid was mostly a gigantic conspiracy, he certainly won’t want to go back into the shadows. What can I say, we’ll figure it out.

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