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Ancona, 23 November 2021 – I am 264 new infections in the Marche region (compared to 93 yesterday, very low number which however refers to infections on Sunday, when the number of swabs carried out is usually very low). There are 3,878 swabs made with a positive rate of 6.8%, down from 7.8% yesterday. Hospitalizations are decreasing (-1), but there are however 5 deaths from Covid in the region.

The contagion map

The Marche province with the highest number of infections is Ancona, which today has 90 new positives. They follow Ascoli Piceno with 60, Stopped with 50, Pesaro Urbino with 34 and Macerata with 20. Ten cases involving people residing outside the region.

Deaths from Covid

There are unfortunately five other deaths for Coronavirus in the Walk: the number since the beginning of the pandemic thus rises to 3,142 (1,760 males and 1382 females), the average age is 82 years. The five deaths are four males of 74, 86, 88 and 89 years) and one woman of 86 years.

Covid hospitalizations

The hospitalizations for Covid in the Marche hospitals they are 90 (-1), Intensive Care patients 22 (-1) and those in non-critical wards 68 (unchanged). Discharged-healed patients are 113,962 (+9) since the beginning of the pandemic.

Acquaroli: “Super Green pass? Is it ineffective”

For the president of the Marche Region, Francesco Acquaroli, the introduction of the super green pass in the orange band for the unvaccinated “it is ineffectiveSpeaking with reporters on the sidelines of the regional council, the governor referred to the progress of the pandemic last year, when “despite the restrictions, albeit in a very different context, the virus was circulating a lot.” Hence the doubt: “I do not know if this type of measure can be really effective in blocking the circulation of the virus in a consistent manner”.

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Super Green pass: what can change and from when

Over 22 thousand reservations for the third dose in the Marche

In Marche I’m 22.497 the people in the age range 40-59 years who have booked for the third dose of anti-Covid vaccine. The Region makes it known. “The CTS believes that the recall should be made after 5 months, – comments the president of the Region Francesco Acquaroli on the sidelines of the meeting of the Regional Council -, it is important to have this information in such a way as to be able to organize ourselves: regardless of the age limit, after 5 months you have to book for the third dose “.” Already last night many took action: – confirmed the president – maybe there are people who have booked in two months because they had a vaccine made three months ago. It is important because it allows citizens to have certainty and the system to be able to organize themselves. “It is, Acquaroli continued,” an element that helps us and gives us certainties, which are the ones I always hope for because when there is transparency, clarity and certainty it is easier to organize and easier to communicate “.

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