Covid vaccinations from family doctors, starting throughout Italy by the end of March

“We wanted to build cathedrals in the desert, without taking care of our parishes. But finally for the family doctors the right recognition has arrived and we are ready to contribute to the campaign as best we can vaccination anti Coronavirus “. Thus Silvestro Scotti, national secretary of the Italian Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), commented a the memorandum of understanding signed last Sunday between the Government, Regions and trade unions, which sees the direct involvement of at least 35 thousand general practitioners in the administration of anti Covid vaccines. In some regions, such as Emilia Romagna e Tuscany, we have already left, but according to Scotti by second half of March 2021 it will also be possible to begin in the rest of Italy, obviously based on the number of doses that will be gradually delivered by the manufacturers.

in photo: Silvestro Scotti.

“First of all, an applause must be made to Minister Speranza – added Scotti – for being one of the main players in this protocol. We will start with vaccinations as soon as there are more doses. It is understood that the centralized system for vaccination, as it was thought, would have been insufficient to vaccinate everyone. The doctors are ready to vaccinate tomorrow, having the doses. At this point it is therefore important that all Regions sign territorial agreements on the basis of the national agreement. Ten have already signed agreements to this effect and now the other Regions must act quickly “. On the other hand, general practitioners are already used to carrying out such operations.” Calculations – added the Fimmg secretary – which in only two months the general practitioners managed to vaccinate against seasonal flu between 8 and 10 million patients, although none of us were already vaccinated and we were in the midst of second wave of the pandemic, especially in some southern regions. If each of the family doctors involved in the campaign also administered five doses of Covid vaccine a day, we would be able to vaccinate 1 million people in four days “.

Not just numbers, considering the need to press the accelerator to get as close as possible to herd immunity to return to normal. “Everyone talks about the importance of territory, but few of the experts we hear about, starting with the CTS, really know him. We have a relationship of trust with our patients, they know us. So I am happy that as a category we have been involved in this process. While primroses were expected, it was not thought to involve general practitioners who have been vaccinating for years. Obviously, this is a mechanism that we will learn to know in progress, also on the basis of the information that will come to us, including that on the timing of administration of the doses. For example, we could start vaccinating as many people as possible, in the event that 3 months of time can be respected between the first dose and the booster, so as to finish the second round in summer and arrive better prepared and protected for autumn “. missing the critical issues, above all from the bureaucratic point of view: “We asked for cooperation between our platform and the regional and central ones, but we understood that changing the algorithm would be too complicated. We are however satisfied with the investment made in the staff of general medicine, which will allow us to act with greater organization to carry out this service “, concluded Scotti.

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