Covid vaccine children 5 to 11 years CDMX: headquarters and calendar

Starting this Monday starts the application of the covid vaccine to children 11 years of age in Mexico City. Those who can attend are 11 years old or who will be 11 years old in 2022.

The Government of Mexico City reported that depending on the number of vaccines available, vaccines will be announced for the rest of the children of 5 to 10 years old.

Through his Twitter account, Eduardo Clark, director of Digital Government of the ADIP explained that the decision to vaccinate only 11-year-old children this week is due to the arrival of a shipment with 96,000 vaccines.

If you have minors at home we tell you what are the requirements to be vaccinated and where are the venues located vaccination by mayor.

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What do I need to be vaccinated?

  • Be 11 years old or turn them during 2022.
  • Be accompanied by an adult.
  • Respect the vaccination day that corresponds according to the calendar.
  • Bring the printed and pre-filled vaccination record.
  • Bring birth certificate and CURP

When to vaccinate the little ones according to their last name?

  • Monday June 27, 11-year-olds with last names A, B or C.
  • Tuesday June 28, children with surnames D,F,E,G.
  • Wednesday June 29children with surnames H,I, J, K, L, M.
  • Thursday June 30, children with surnames N, Ñ, O, P, Q, R.
  • Friday June 1, children with last names S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z.
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Vaccination units by mayor’s office:

The Government of Mexico City enabled 39 locations for the vaccination of children under 11 years of age during this week. The office hours are from 08:00 to 15:00.

Alvaro Obregon.

  • Health Center -III Minas de Cristo.
  • Health Center -III Manuel Escontria


  • Health Center -III Galo Soberón and Parra
  • Health Center -III Dr. Manuel Martínez Baez.
  • CMF Cuitlahuac.

Benito Juarez.

  • Health Clinic -III Portales.
  • Health Clinic -III Mixcoac.


  • Health Center -III Margarita Chorné y Salazar.
  • Health Center -III Cr. Gustavo Rovirosa Pérez.


  • Health Center -III Cuajimalpa.
  • Health Center -III Christmas


  • Health Center -III José María Rodríguez
  • Specialty Clinic No. 4
  • ISSSTE Sta María Family Medicine Clinic.

Gustavo A. Madero.

  • Health Center -III Dr. Gabriel Garzón Cossa.
  • Health Center -III Dr. Rafael Ramírez Suárez.
  • UMF 20 Vallejo Road 675


  • Dr. Jose Zozaya Health Center
  • Health Center Dr. Manuel Pesqueira


  • Chinampac Juarez Health Center
  • Dr. Rafael Carrillo Health Center.
  • Clinic of Specialties Leonardo and Nicolas Bravo.

Magdalena Contreras.

  • Health Center -III Oasis
  • Health Center -III Dr. Ángel de la Garza Brito

Miguel Hidalgo.

  • Health Center -III Mexico-Spain
  • Health Center -III Dr. Ángel Brioso Vasconcelos

High Milpa.

  • Health Center -III Gastón Melo
  • Health Center -III San Pablo Oztotepec


  • UMF 162
  • Health Center -II September 13
  • Health Center -III San Francisco Tlaltenco


  • Health Center-III David Fragoso Lizaldo
  • CMF Tlalpan

Venustiano Carranza.

  • Health Center -III Beatriz Velasco de Alemán
  • Health Center -III Dr. Juan Duque de Estrada.


  • Health Center -III Xochimilco
  • Health Center -III Tulyehualco
  • All: Marine censuses – only Monday to Thursday.
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