“Crab Blackhead” recounts the minutes of losing his lover “Nooksi Anpat”, standing in front of the ICU for 2 hours, past 50 days, not a day goes by that I don’t miss you

Thailand’s leading singer “Poo Blackhead”, who today will open her heart for the first time after the loss of her girlfriend “Nooksy Anpat” who has been in a relationship for more than 5 years with cancer. Ready to tell the second part of saying goodbye without saying goodbye and reveals what remains in mind to this day through the talk show on Channel 31, with “PK Piyawat” and “Ning Panita” as the host of the program

When it comes to the show, see a picture like that. I secretly saw that you didn’t look at all?
Crab: I can’t see.

Even if you’ve been gone for 50 days?
Crab: Okay, maybe it’s less regrettable. But it misses the same

back to his sick brother The first research was that his younger brother had breast cancer?
Pu: Yes, really, before I knew it was breast cancer. He has been restoring himself for a while. because he had symptoms and found a lump, there was lymph, and blood came out, but with great fear will not enter the treatment process I would guess that or be something else. or maybe not Those periods were almost half a year before admission. or go to determine if it really is

Did he consult you then?
Crab: Well, we’re always looking at each other. Well, it’s bleeding, something, but it’s like fooling yourself that there might be an effect from the surgery. We told them to go see a doctor. Well, let’s treat each other. He was very afraid that it was. Once it was, the world would change. In many ways, the feeling that he had guessed would become: Eh, is this true? He had guessed in advance what would have happened if it had happened. How long can I live?

So what made him decide to go to the doctor?
Crab: Because it’s been a long time, it’s starting to hurt. It affects everyday life. It hurts. It’s inflamed. It’s bleeding and lymphatic. So I can’t do it anymore. You need to see a doctor.

After going to the doctor He was diagnosed with breast cancer?
Pu : The surgeon said that this is probably not an inflammation of the surgery. Better go see a doctor who specializes in it. Only then did I know that…

When I went to the hospital, deep in my heart Did you know it was breast cancer?
Pu: Yes, on that day, Nook went with the bus driver to see a surgeon. upon reaching the clinic The doctor said he couldn’t have to find another place on the way, he called me. Doctor recommends to go to another place. During the trip, we people already thought that it should be…

When I got to the doctor, the doctor said it was breast cancer?
Pu: Yes, but I don’t know when.

And when did you come to know that you are the last stage that is about to spread?
Pu: When I first saw the doctor, he said that it was probably in the 2-3 range, that is when I haven’t had surgery to remove it. He hasn’t been diagnosed with where the spread has gone or not. Only he found it here. and then it is most necessary to remove

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Does the condition get worse after the baby has been vaccinated?
Poo : We don’t want to guess that it is. Only that I will inject the third needle. Nook said where I have come and want to inject too. When I’m sick, I can get sick at the same time. When there’s any effect, I can get it at the same time. So he consulted the doctor there to see if I could inject it. while keeping this right now The doctor said it was not related to injecting. When I returned home, I felt that Nook had a fever as well. but also a headache Then vomit all the time, can’t take it anymore, take painkillers to relieve each other. Eat for 2-3 days. It doesn’t go away. When it doesn’t heal, I think it’s something else, so I take them to the hospital. He assumed many different things, but the doctor who was taking care of Nook did not have a brain scan. He still hasn’t found He focused on the lymph nodes. The allergic one spreads the lungs. At the breast, if it still remains, then it doesn’t go to the brain at all. is when you are sick Let’s start with the breast. and then spread to the lymph nodes and then to the lungs

And when did we find out that the cancer had spread to the brain?
Poo : When he got a headache after the vaccine So I guess that or the vaccine will stimulate many. To make it show faster, the doctor took a brain MRI. The doctor said it was very small. Because it was deep, there was, but it was so deep, it shouldn’t show that much effect, so he examined it more deeply. found another dent in the brain which is each step Damage to the brain requires another treatment, the brain requires another treatment. Therefore, we have to choose which one to treat first.

How was your encouragement back then?
Crab: It’s pretty bad. When he knows where he’s been, he can still smile. And still living the same life, still having fun, talking with friends just that its symptoms show a lot The headache is so severe that I can’t do anything. Tired, panting, unable to use my daily life.

See that coughing up blood at all?
Pu: He coughs all the time, can’t sleep at all. When coughing throughout the veins in the throat burst Time to cough It’s like picking mucus, stains, and unable to walk. It’s like the muscle is gone. In just a week, two weeks, there’s no muscle at all. In one week, my legs were completely withered. I couldn’t even go up to the bedroom.

You take good care of me for 24 hours. How long do you take care of it?
Poo : A full year, assuming you enter and exit new hospitals. when new surgery It has continued to evolve. which will clearly affect the body

Is there a cadence that should have gone back to normal as well?
Crab: There will be a period where it is controlled. But Nook’s is the most aggressive type of cancer, very fierce. When it gets used to this drug, it starts to get out of control, so it has to be replaced. This one is stubborn, this one is stubborn, so it has to keep changing.

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As of today, it’s been 50 days and it’s still ingrained in my heart a lot. All the time, I take care of you 24 hours. There is only one day that I need to go to work. So what’s the signal that the younger brother dropped? And the younger brother died?
Poo : Yes, during the period he can’t do anything. he can’t work He will wait to get the job for my brother. He would also like to manage. I’ll take this job for you. And then on that day, I had to go to work that Nook accepted. It was a normal conversation. When I got to work, I called this person. Before I left, I didn’t have any signal. Like a doctor, he even said that in 3-4 days he could be discharged from the hospital. because the virus in the lungs began to fade At that time, I started to be happy and counted the days and waited for the oxygen machine to be taken home. began to gradually carry things home, when the next evening went to have dinner with mom Now the nurse called to say that Nong Nook had stopped breathing. The heart is pumping now. He had the doctor speak to me. I asked the doctor why. Yesterday we still talked normally. There is still nothing telling why he will be like this today. At that time, there was only one question. Everything has to be rushed to the hospital. We still do not believe It will probably pump up. After a while, he would feel himself.

no matter how bad Shouldn’t have died?
Pu: Yes, I waited in front of the ICU room for about 2 hours. of the hospital is full He had to carry all his belongings to the board. The room we live together. When the ICU room is empty, we will push the younger brother away. So it’s probably 2 hours in total that I’m in the corridor and waiting.

Was that feeling the most painful in your life?
Crab: Yes, really, since the first 3-4 times the doctor tried to hold back. I don’t want it to be like that anymore. Because I’ve talked to you if it’s time for you to go. bro don’t try

That day the doctor asked if we would hold it again?
Poo : Yes, but the person who can make decisions must be relatives only. I told the doctor that my sister told me that. But now the doctor needs someone who is a relative with the same last name. Now I called and talked to Papa, he said that as much as possible. So it took him a long time to stay like that, about 10 times, he pulled up, breathed for 1-2 minutes, then went again, stayed like this for about 10 times, the doctor said he couldn’t take it anymore.

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What do you say when the doctor says you can’t do it anymore?
Pu: I want to release from the first 3-4 times because I saw it. I walked to the front of the room and saw pity.

Finally my sister left. But there is still something lingering that I haven’t done yet. I felt that every time I thought about it, tears flowed out. Because this thing we’ve already done, what is it?
Pu: Before he was last hospitalized, he copied him or didn’t have to get married. Only registered. Well, during the covid period, it’s difficult to do anything. He said just registered. Let’s go register. I also thought that if he got a little better, would it be possible to register in the hospital? I thought 3-4 days before that. but still haven’t done it I think I’ll wait for him to be a little bit better. If that day he was discharged from the hospital even without a wedding I took him to register. sit in a wheelchair Because I think that leaving the hospital this time, taking care of it must be great. because looking at the condition he can’t walk Wherever you go, you will definitely need a will share. I thought too, or was it the last time? but had not yet told him anything

If you’re watching, what would you like to tell me?
Pu: You must have known about many things since the day he left. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about. So many things, so many things I haven’t said. It’s like my diary. I have kept those diaries on Facebook, some on IG because I used to think that when we were together sometimes he took pictures of the couple. We’re like…why did you take it? Record it over there Record it. Why save it? But today I sat and looked at his IG. His facebook page with a picture of me. I don’t have a lot of pictures of him myself. It’s very sad during the time together We didn’t do anything it saved good memories. Every memory that I saved on my phone or saved every step. Now it’s all in here. It’s all inside you. It must be difficult to forget. and maybe not that day I want to say that you still love and miss many people, even friends. Our family misses you all the time too.

look back song This song Nong Nooksi helped to compose, right?
Pu: I have to say that I’m going to make a new song for Blackhead. Then sit and listen to what kind of content Blackhead’s slow song has. There is a happy love The love that I can’t live without you already has, so we sit and talk about what kind of love is left. So it’s this song, if you want to go, go. don’t have to come with tissue So Nook came up with the concept of this song. When finished, sit and write together in a hook and pass it on to another brother to help expand a bit more.

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