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Download free Crash Bandicoot Mobile in Peru, Mexico, Spain and other countries where the game appears as not available in the Google Play Store. The new marsupial adventure can be installed with an alternative method using a APK It has already been shared on many social networks.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile made its arrival to official Android on April 22, through a softlaunch in the Google Play Store application store; however, it is not available in all countries of the world.

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As you surely already verified when we gave you the news, Crash Bandicoot Mobile is not available in Peru and other Latin American countries. In addition, a global arrival date is still uncertain, so it may take months to enjoy the video game in our territory.

Reports indicate that, for now, Crash Bandicoot Mobile is only available in Malaysia. Fortunately, there are already methods to get hold of the video game in Peru and other countries, since the APK It can be installed independently from the Google Play Store.

Download Crash Bandicoot APK Android

If you already tried in the Google Play Store without success, here we leave you a method to to download Crash Bandicoot Mobile, through its APK and an installer.

The first thing you should do is get a package installer APK. Examples are superfluous, like APK Installer; however, these are third-party applications that you must run at your own risk.

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Whatever the installer you have chosen, then you must have the Crash Bandicoot Mobile’s own APK (look for it in XAPK format). This can be obtained through many distributors with a simple search. Again, we recommend that you scan all files and download them at your own risk.

With the APK Crash Bandicoot Mobile already downloaded, it will only be necessary to run it with the APK installer that you got first. Google is likely to warn you about the risks of installing applications outside the Play Store, just as it happened with Fortnite.

If you follow the steps correctly, you will have the free game installed on your mobile like any other application on the Google Play Store.

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Remember that Crash Bandicoot Mobile has been released as a softlaunch, that is, it is an early version of the video game that is still waiting for an official and global release. It is similar to a demo It may be buggy, so don’t expect a polished or bug-free end product.

The minimum requirements to have Crash Bandicoot Mobile in your Android are:

  • ARM64 (64-bit) architecture compatible device
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • 300 MB of available space

Crash Bandicoot Mobile came to Android

Crash Bandicoot Mobile came as a surprise to all Android users, thus confirming all the leaks that emerged at the beginning of the year. The application is already available only in some regions of the world, but so you can download it in any country.

This is the first official version of Crash Bandicoot for mobile phones, as part of the traditional platform saga. It is only available for Android, with the 5.0 system as a minimum, and has a fairly familiar gameplay.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is already listed for PC

The arrival of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled on PC seems inevitable, but what nobody could confirm is the date on which it would occur. Now, after the leak of a forceful test, we can know that ‘Crash Car’ is close to reaching the open platform and millions of fans are excited.

The hopeful premiere of the video game on PC does not come from a source close to Activision, but on the official website of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled you can see the option of Windows as a platform to play the title.

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Fortnite comes to the Play Store: Epic sends a hard message against Google

Fortnite made its formal arrival on the official platform of Android, Google Play. After 18 months, Epic Games finally reached an agreement with those of Mountain View; However, in announcing the decision, they did not hesitate to dedicate harsh words to Google, which will now capture 30% of all transactions for the game.

The reason was simple: Epic Games did not want to give in to the parameters of Google, who demanded and demand a good part of the transactions of any application in their store. Now, after more than a year of tension, the creators of Fortnite have finally reached an agreement with those of Mountain View.

They yielded but not without speaking. Epic Games It reached an agreement to publish Fortnite in the Google Play Store, but not without dedicating a strong message to those of Mountain View. Check out the strong statements at this link.

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Download Fortnite for free on Google Play: how to install, requirements, weight and more

Download Fortnite free The video game has just arrived for the first time at the official store of Android, Google Play Store. The game took more than a year to appear on the official platform and here we will tell you how free download the popular Battle Royale from Spain, the United States, Mexico and more countries, as well as its requirements and weight official.

The reason that Fortnite Battle Royale had not appeared until now on the most used platform in the world was the disagreement between Google and Epic Games; However, in the end, the creators of the game decided not to miss out on the advantages that Google Play Store gives to their application.

Still, not everything is rosy, as Epic Games declared strongly against Google when explaining its decision. Despite this, Fortnite is already available in a more accessible way and without any type of restriction for Android. Find out everything you need to know to have the game on your phone by visiting this link.

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Free Games: Total War Shogun 2 is a gift forever quarantined

Total War Shogun 2 joins the list of free games on Steam thanks to the honest gesture announced by its creators to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The title of medieval battles in Japan will be available to download free of charge from April 27 and you can keep it in your library forever.

It is not a minor gesture, Total War Shogun 2 is one of the most acclaimed titles in the popular saga of military battles. Its normal price on Steam is approximately $ 20, but now you can take it free and without restrictions.

The gift is part of an effort that its own developer has detailed on its official site: “The past few weeks presented unimaginable challenges for many of us, but the outstanding collective effort by the global community to overcome this difficult time has been truly inspiring.” they confess, referring to the coronavirus pandemic. Find out how to download it at this link.

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Half-Life: ‘Huáscar Monitor’ map released and you can now download it free

Despite the wide variety of free games that are quarantined, classics like Half-Life They are still a great option for millions of Peruvian fans on Steam, especially if free content like this new one continues to arrive. Map of the Huáscar Monitor.

The classic Valve video game is still available on Steam and now brings back a stage for Peruvian fans thanks to the talented modders of the local scene. East Map of the ‘Huascar’Is the work of well-known publisher Galy Raffo.

East Map of Half-Life shows the current location of the monitor after its capture in the Battle of the Pacific. It consists of the armored warship and a port a few meters away that can be reached by swimming and has a plaza. Discover all its details and download it free with this link.


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