Crash Boeing 737: Finally, frantic scrolling is heard in the manual


"Technical problems" was the explanation for the crash of the Boeing 737 of the Indonesian airline Lion Air, which crashed into the ocean 2018 off the coast of Sumatra. All 189 people on board were killed at that time. Now, in light of the Ethiopian company's catastrophe, in which a Boeing 737 Max also crashed on 10 March 2019, the circumstances of the incident before Indonesia are on fire.

Interesting in this context are the audio recordings of the last minutes on board before the crash. They have not yet been published, but the Reuters news agency has spoken with three people who have listened to it.

The last conversations on board could also help with the cause of the crash. One of the theses is the hypothesis that the on-board computer falsely started a descent and that the pilots (in vain) had to meet each other manually.

One of the questions is whether the flight crew was sufficiently prepared to respond to this emergency. The recordings, which are now advertised, seem to support the first thesis.

The three people draw a dramatic picture of the situation in the cockpit, which was occupied by two pilots. According to the captain of the car he was still frantically leafing through a manual to find a solution to the problems that ultimately occur in vain.

You can hear the rustling of the manual pages

The witnesses of the ear describe the procedure in the accident machine as follows: Already two minutes after the start of the flight Lion Air JT610, the first officer had reported the pilot of problems. What exactly, he had not communicated, but then he asked air traffic control to maintain a height of 5000 feet. This has been approved.

The pilot then asked the first officer to look for solutions in the manual. From now on, you will hear the rustling of the pages and, for nine minutes, the automatic (and probably incorrectly diagnosed) warning that the engine was coming out and therefore lacked buoyancy.

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As a result of this warning, the automatic on-board system then lowers the nose of the aircraft and brings the plane down – this process has desperately tried to stop the pilots. The fact that a sensor or software error could be present did not seem to have reached the pilot in this way, witnesses report. The altitude and speed of the aircraft would be exchanged verbally alone.

Reuters pointed out that it did not have transcripts of the interviews for his report, but only the testimony of those who listened to the notes. Comments were subsequently requested by both Lion Air and Boeing, but they did not arrive, he continues. Lion Air had just declared that he had cooperated in the investigation and had forwarded all the material to the investigators.

Boeing had already stated in a declaration in November 2018 that there was a regular procedure for such situations. Another crew, which left Jakarta only one night before and faced the same problem, solved it after consulting the appropriate checklists and then avoided further turbulence, he said at the time. Unfortunately, there was no exchange between the two crews regarding the accident, he continues.

The pilots remained calm until the end

Back to the situation in the cockpit. The pilots remained calm despite the greater problems for most of the flight, the three witnesses of the ear are further mentioned. Finally, the 31 year old pilot, the first officer, 41, had asked to take the wheel because he wanted to examine the manual himself.

One minute before the car disappeared from the radar, the pilot had asked the air control to free the air space below them and asked once again for a flight altitude of 5000 feet. This has been approved again.

Two of the witnesses testify that the first officer apparently did not check the car, and the captain found nothing in the manual. The captain, an Indian, remained completely silent in the cockpit in the last few minutes, while the first officer, an Indonesian, feels a last time with the words "Allahu Akbar".

The Arabic term, translated as "God is the greatest", is a common saying in the Muslim country that expresses surprise, fear or gratitude. In this case, it would probably have been rather a prayer in the face of death.

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The dk air shows a Boeing 737-200 airplane from the company. An Itek Air Boeing 737 crashed about 5 km from Bishkek's Manas airport at the end of August 24th 2008. The ill-fated airliner, bound for Tehran, was completely destroyed by fire after it fell Sunday night according to the Ministry of Civil Defense. Only 22 of the 90 people in the plane survived the accident, according to the Kyrgyz government from the Interfax news agency. Half of the survivors were Iranians, the other helping Kyrgyz citizens. Three children, aged between 12 and 15, were among the survivors. ONLY FOR EDITORIAL USE EPA / ITEK AIR / HO +++ (c) dpa - Visual Communication +++ |

Then the impact of the car on the water, all 189 inmates were killed. The French aeronautical authority BEA said on Tuesday that the flight recorder in the event of a Boeing Ethiopian Airlines arrest has already clarified the parallels with the accident assessments at the Lion Air Show. Since the Lion Air Boeing accident works on its own data on a software update of the affected machines.

Approval procedures should be reviewed

Meanwhile, the US Department of Transportation has commissioned an internal investigation into the approval process of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. It expects the investigation to provide an objective and detailed account of the actual course of the process. approval, "said Minister Elaine Chao on Tuesday, confirming the news in the press. "Security is a priority for the ministry," Chao said, shocked by the last two airline crashes.

A final report on the Lion Air machine crash does not yet exist. In an intermediate report, however, problems with the sensor had already been reported, which in turn incorrectly reported a stall. The accident report of October 29, 2018 should be available in July 2019.



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