Crash in Ethiopia: Britain and Tui stop flights from Boeing 737 Max 8

economy Crash in Ethiopia

Britain and Tui stop flights from Boeing 737 Max 8

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"There is never a reason for an accident"

Some countries prohibit the Boeing 737 Max 8 from their airspace. In the United States and Europe, these passages are not planned following the new arrest of this type of machine in Ethiopia. First of all, the cause must be clear, they say.

Britain has closed its airspace for Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

  • At present, five 737 Max machines use air bases in the United Kingdom.
  • After the accident of a Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia, the model can no longer take off and land in different countries.

NAfter the accident of a Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia, the model is no longer able to take off, land or enter airspace in several countries Great Britain is Australia, Even the world's largest travel group, Tui, stopped all flights with the controversial aircraft type. The pass includes all the airlines of the group, a company spokesman said Tuesday in Hannover.

The British aviation authority said on Tuesday it had taken a precautionary measure to ban all commercial flights of all airlines that land, take off or fly over the UK. The order will be in effect until further notice, he said. The Authority stressed that it was in close contact with the European Air Traffic Control Authority of the EASA. At present, five 737 Max machines use air bases in the United Kingdom.

also Australia banned all 737 Max 8 planes from its airspace. It was a "temporary" measure until more information on security risks was available, CASA said. The two companies Silk Air from Singapore and Fiji Airways from the Fiji Islands are interested, Australian airlines do not fly with the model.

Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), the coordinator of the federal government for the aerospace industry, has warned against a hasty action after the accident in Ethiopia. "You don't have to shoot fast now if you don't know what the cause of the accident was," Jarzombek said Tuesday at RBB Inforadio. The reasons are not always as simple as they might initially be obvious.

"You cannot go there directly and issue prohibitions," said the CDU Member of Parliament. "In the end you need proof." Black boxes and flight recorders were found, now it was important to find out what really happened. For German Airlines, delivery from 2017 737 MAX, according to the Ministry of Transport is not yet in use.

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The Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed Sunday morning shortly after the start of Addis Ababa to Nairobi. All 149 passengers and eight crew members were killed. It was already the second incident within half a year with the type of aircraft. In October, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 of the Indonesian airline Lion Air crashed shortly after takeoff. It is very unusual for two planes of a new model to crash in a short time.

In response to the two disasters, several countries have ordered that all Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft remain on the ground for the time being. Almost 40 percent of the 371 Boeing 737 MAX used worldwide to date is no longer used by the Flightglobal service, including just under 100 aircraft in the largest Chinese market.

Where the Boeing is still on the ground

As before, the large supervisory office had previously Singapore CAAS Civil Aviation Authority has announced that until further notice, no Boeing 737 Max 8 passenger aircraft will be allowed to take off and land at Singapore Airport. With 60 million passengers, the airport is one of the largest in the world and an important transfer airport. Among other things, China Southern, Thai Lion, Garuda, Silk Air and Shandong are interested.

also China, Indonesia is South Korea issued a take-off and landing ban. Also, leave the Norwegian Air, Ethiopian Airlines Group. Aeromexico Group SAB de CV (Mexico), GOL Linhas Aereas Smart SA (Brazil) e Eastar Jet Inc. (South Korea) their Boeing 737 Max 8 for the moment on the ground.

The world is the greatest Tui travel group from Hannover it wants the 737-Max-Jets of its fleet of other part in use. The machines are in service in Great Britain and the Benelux on routes to the Canary Islands or Cape Verde. In Germany, the launch of the latest version of the Boeing bestseller in April will begin. Currently Tui does not see the need for a departure ban. Worried passengers may rebook their flights at their own expense if alternatives exist. You are based on the recommendations of FAA US Air Traffic Control Authority which declared the aircraft suitable for flight.

Indias The DGCA of the Aviation Authority has requested that aviation pilots have at least 1000 hours of flight experience. The co-pilots must have at least 500 hours of flight experience, the DGCA said. The temporary security measure applies to all flights in Indian airspace. The Indian airline Jet Airways has five machines of the type. These are currently for financial reasons not in operation, the airline said. SpiceJet – The other Indian airline, whose fleet includes the Boeing 737 Max 8, did not initially comment on its 13 aircraft.



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