#crawling or the sidewalks wound

The addicts of social networks constantly put their lives on stage with hashtags and selfies, starting the trend (or not). This week, the invasion of the scinettes.

VWe took his wheel in the ankle on the sidewalk this morning and here we are invading Instagram: the scooter, a new means of urban transport, is everywhere. It was thought to be in the cellar with the CM1 notebooks and already more than 30,000 adults are doing hashtag shots to its glory. This new two-wheel band is divided into different factions. Behind #doggins the sports smugglers are hiding first of all: most of them are teenagers and post-adolescents who believe that the scooter is the new skateboard.

In the meantime, they make figures on the asphalt or on a ramp with their new toy. Given the size of the companions, it seems that the hippos play with toothpicks. They are clever in front of grandmothers and girls and they cross the edge of the sidewalk with small wheels of jumps; until the day when a slightly fluffy or sputum canine dejection is crossed behind. And paf! a coccyx in crumbs, a video for the history of passers-by and a first aid medical service that will discover the joy of "scooter accident" statistics.

Everyone hates them

Then there are the eco-triumphs, post-bobos, definitely annoying posing as skaters on the parade, proud of their new equipment, preferably electric. They hang on sidewalks and on the road and have managed to agree with drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists: everyone hates them. It is very simple, when we meet one of their parked things in front of the organic shop, we are very tempted to set it on fire with the flames of the lighters. It's useless and illegal. Wait, however, to see the tenant or the owner of this # scooter out, it's free. Looking at his head when he understands that he will not be able to bring his races into his recycled box with his # scooter is particularly fun.

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Finally, there are children: they must learn to focus on alternative transport soon. And above all you have to distract them. They are pretty cute with their pink or blue toys, derived products The snow queen or car, matching their clothes. They too are bulky on the sidewalk. Finally, especially for parents. Because, statistically, a child quickly gets tired. Will be hungry for thirst – the runny nose – wants to pee, will have to wear it just like the scooter. All this will end in a taxi and then it's all. In short, the #trottinette is a form of pollution. Certainly mental, but pollution is the same.

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