Crazy 3: 2 victory at the Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany creates the impossible – Sport against Slovakia


Korbinian Holzer tried a new discipline. The defender of the German national ice hockey team hurled in the duel with Slovakia, the thug of an opponent in javelin thrower over the ice. Because such a thing in a commonly referred to as hard sport does not belong, he was sent for ten minutes on the penalty bench. There sat in the middle of the second third already his defensive colleagues Moritz Seider and Moritz Müller and they all had to watch as the World Cup hosts in the following 85 seconds from a 0-1 deficit made a 2-1.

The German team was unimpressed and won by two late goals still 3: 2 (0: 0, 1: 2, 2: 0). Thus, the team of national coach Toni Söderholm after the fourth victory in the fourth group game is almost certain in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

The Slovaks had started fast, from the beginning it was felt that they absolutely wanted to win. The World Cup hosts played at high speed and a lot of passion, Germany kept cool and focused against. The first 20 minutes were not really nice, the game was characterized by numerous interruptions and smaller skirmishes.

That changed completely in the second third. The host pushed the German selection driven by his frenetic attachment more and more back into its own zone. Once saved the post for Mathias Niederberger, who moved again for the injured Philipp Grubauer in the gate and several times the German goalie itself. In the strong phase of the Slovaks but then fell the opening goal for Germany. After a bully win, Markus Eisenschmid expertly twisted around the opposing goal and then put perfect cross for Marc Michaelis, who hit flat into the net.

The goal, however, aroused even more fighting spirit in the Slovakian team. And the Germans let themselves be infected by the increasing rush. So it came after said joke throw Holzer and three German defenders on the penalty bench for a double strike of the home side. Andrej Sekera scored the acclaimed 1-1, shortly thereafter, the hall after Libor Hudaceks 2: 1 final head.

Moritz Seider had to be led injured by the ice

However, the German team did not have a chance, but they could not use a four-minute advantage at the end of the second round and went so for the first time at this World Cup with a gap in a one-third break.
In the final section, it was now on the power, of which they had a little more, they were unlike their opponent on Tuesday play-free, while the Germans after the 4: 1 against France only a little more than 20 hours left to regenerate. However, some Slovakian players also exaggerated their efforts, Ladislav Nagy checked Moritz Seider badly in the gang. The German young star then had to be led by the ice and could not continue.

After that, the Slovaks suddenly started to shake. Perhaps they still haunted the so unhappy with 5: 6 lost game against Canada by the heads. And indeed, they again conceded a late goal this time, Markus Eisenschmid scored it, as his coach had taken goalkeeper Niederberger in favor of a sixth field player from the ice.

After that, it was completely wild, Slovakia really wanted the three points. But ultimately it was not enough for one, because Leon Draisaitl scored a counterattack 27 seconds before the end to 3: 2. Then it was quiet in the hall. For while Germany was allowed to celebrate the next victory and defend the championship lead in Group A, it will be difficult or even impossible for the host to reach the knockout round. (Tsp)


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