Crazy for Halloween!


Heidi Klum
, 45, loves Halloween. The house is decorated, the costume is underway and there is a megaparty at the end of October. For years the model celebrates her favorite day and her costumes are becoming more elaborate every year. Cleopatra, Jessica Rabbit, werewolf, butterfly, old, Betty Boop, Heidi Klum always has great ideas. Last weekend he was with his boyfriend,
Tom Kaulitz
, 29, and the children Leni, 14, Henry, 13, Johan, 11 and Lou, 9, in the pumpkins camp in Los Angeles.

With the children at Mr. Bones

The well-known "Mr. Bones Pumpkinpatch" is visited every year by Heidi Klum and his family. According to the British Daily Mail, he talked to other visitors and revealed something about his costume: "It will not be scary this year, it's going to be cute, very, very cute."

New teeth for Tom Kaulitz?

Today revealed another detail on Instagram, a little. But not just one but two, so maybe one for Tom?

In the last photo of "Sneak Peak" showing a silicone mask, some fans have imagined Fiona's face from "Shrek". Maybe Tom is
then the ogre Shrek? Stay exciting!

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Did you want this tour of the house? When a dinosaur walks through the house and film Heidi Klum, there is an involuntary look in the sanctum sanctorum.

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