CRAZY! Honda Launches New Beat Type Super Mini Bro

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Lovers scooter homeland, now surprised by the appearance Beat the newest type called Honda Navi 2022.

Motor new Honda Navi 2022 this, it can be said to be unique because the dimensions are slightly different, compared motormotor which has existed.

Honda Navi 2022 this is motor mini newwhich will be family new from the ranks motor mini loh.

Because, Honda Navi 2022 It does carry a super unique minimoto style and has its own characteristics.

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Metic Scooter (scooter) this one when viewed from front to back, will look like a Supermoto style, but a unique mini version. Because, in the middle near the driver’s feet there is a mini storage trunk.

Honda claim this baggage can store equipment such as jackets gloves or other small items. In the cockpit, there is a high handlebar and an analog instrument panel.

As for the oval-shaped front headlamp with halogen lamps. Well, even though by design motor It’s like Supermoto, but it’s actually a motor with an automatic transmission machine alias motor matic loh bro.

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