Crazy, the Ukrainian Army Claims to Have Its Own Massacre Order

Friday, June 24 2022 – 17:40 WIB

VIVA – An act of terror by a group of soldiers Ukraine in a hotel in the city of Kherson, proving the war crimes committed against the people themselves. One of the perpetrators claimed to have received orders to kill the Ukrainian people himself.

Unit military Russia reported to have succeeded in thwarting a terrorist act carried out by a number of Ukrainian military soldiers, at a hotel in Kherson, Kherson Oblast (Province), Friday, June 24, 2022.

The hotel that was targeted contains a number of refugees who are Ukrainian citizens. Not only from Kherson, many of these civilians also came from other regions, and chose to flee from areas still controlled by Ukraine.

Alexander Timko, the leader of a Ukrainian terror group who was captured by Russian troops, admitted his actions. Timko was ordered to lead a Ukrainian military unit, with a mission to kill fleeing Ukrainian civilians.

“I was assigned to carry out a terror attack here,” Timko was quoted as saying VIVA Military from Russian News Agency, TASS.

Even more surprising, Timko was freed to choose how to kill Ukrainian civilians with his own technique. Whether strafing with rifles, detonating bombs, or other mass killing techniques.

“In other words, I will carry out mass shootings here with assassinations, explosions and so on, to kill as many people as possible,” Timko said.

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