Cream Abdul Aziz champion “choice 2” in Ramadan 2021

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After the overwhelming success of the first part of the series Ramadan “check”, starring artist Prince of Carrara, the declaration channel “ON”, put forward by the second part of the dramatic action, in next Ramadan, the company decided to show, choose the hero of the second part of the dramatic events of history.

He explained the program “ET The Last Airbender” through “Instagram”, that the production company “Synergy”, selected artist Karim Abdul Aziz, a hero for the dramatic, while still Pete Mister meme out for the show, but did not reach a decision in respect of the author until now.

The first part was starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadhi, Dina Fouad and Sarah fair, Dia Abdel-Khalek and a large number of guests of Honor, by a brilliant Dowidar and directed by Peter Mimi and production company Synergy Films.

Eating serial The Life of Ahmed saber Mansi, the commander of the battalion 103 Lightning Bolt, who was martyred in an ambush “box art”, in the city of Rafah and the Egyptian 2017, while browsing a terrorist attack in Sinai, that appears to work many of the social and humanitarian aspects in the life of the late hero.

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